Assistant State Commissioner - Scouts (Strategic Development) Print

Position Description

Title: Assistant State Commissioner, Scouts (Strategic Development)
Short form: ASCS – SD
Reporting to: State Commissioner Scouts
Tenure: 2 years, reviewed annually.

Purpose of the position

The Assistant State Commissioner, Scouts (Strategic Development) is the volunteer member responsible to the State Commissioner Scouts (SCS) for:

  • Assisting in the delivery of the Scout Section Award Scheme, including quality of content and delivery, resourcing and support for the Section’s Line Leaders, monitoring of engagement levels, and compliance with 'Youth Leading, Adult Supporting'.
  • Assisting with the implementation of the transformation program in the Scout Section. Applying focus, support and compassion to bring this about, and ensuring delivery of a high-quality, engaging program.
  • Assisting to ensure cohesive delivery of the Youth Program. Maintaining, with the Youth Commissioner, an active Scout Section Youth Council to promote the voice of the Section and to develop leadership and meeting skills. Co-operating with the SC Group Support Strategies, to maximise opportunities to increase membership through retention strategies.

The role is required to take an active, strategic, relevant approach in the development and delivery of resources and programs to the Scout Section Program within NSW, and to continue the development of a dynamic, vibrant and contemporary Section.

The primarily focus is aimed at strategies to engage Leaders, specifically members of the State and Regional Mindaris, in the active delivery of the Scout Section Award Scheme focusing on engagement, technique and relevance to the age group of the Section Youth.

The secondary focus is aimed at developing and transferring to Regions the skills and techniques required to run the deliverables so that Regions can then deliver within their own Region.


Responsibilities and Duties

The ASCS-SD will assist the SCS in six areas:

1. Leadership

  • Be responsible for the Australian Scout Medallion Award (ASM) program, specifically the Scheme promotional collateral and administration of the Awards Ceremony.

2. Develop

  • Develop (with the State Commissioner – Scouts) and coordinate a proactive active roll-out plan and collateral for any Scout Section Award Scheme changes and updates.

  • Develop (with the State Commissioner – Scouts) a relevant format for State Rally.

3. Inspire

  • Promote the Australian Scout Medallion program within the Regions to achieve 45 plus Awardees at each Awards Ceremony.

  • Assist maintain the Patrol Tent website as a strategic tool to inform Scout Section Leaders and Scouts with relevant information about the Section and its activities.

4. Engage

  • Take an active role in the implementation of the Scout Award Scheme and the Youth Program Review.

  • Take an active role in the Australian Scout Medallion program, specifically promotion and the Awards Ceremony.

5. Resilience

  • Accept the challenge to make every action a step further towards the goal of being in a dynamic, vibrant and contemporary section.

6. Confidence

  • Attend meetings, Mindaris and Councils (as required) to maximize the success of the assigned areas of responsibility and the Scout Section as a body.


Selection Criteria

Applicants are invited to establish a claim to the position on the basis of nine essential criteria:

  • Ability to contribute productively to a framework set by others.
  • Sound, evidence-based judgment and accountable decision making.
  • Proven, successful track record of effective teamwork among adults and youth.
  • Proven track record of proactive and results orientation.
  • Enthusiasm for the new strategic direction of Scouts NSW, including the Strategic Plan 2016-2018 and the Chief Commissioner's seven Strategic Priorities.
  • An appropriate fit with the new, positive and enabling culture of Scouts NSW.
  • Wood badge holder (or willing to complete during the early part of the tenure).
  • Completed Leader of Adults Training (or willing to complete early in the tenure).
  • Have at least five (5) years’ experience in the Scout Section.



This position is important to Scouts NSW and it is essential that the ASCS-SD creates the change we want to see. Therefore, a strong achievement orientation is required. The ASCS-SD will be assessed on the results they achieve. Assessment will include formal annual performance reviews.

Activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Continuously build members' interest in Scouts.
  • Identify, assist and co-ordinate influential champions of Scouts, particularly in the Regions, and form them into a team with a plan.
  • Ensure Scouts NSW website information that relates to Scouts is correct and reviewed regularly.
  • Attend and assess the effectiveness of Region and State events in fulfilling the goals of Scouts.
  • Maintain ongoing training.
  • Attend to other necessary functions and duties as requested. 


To apply:

For more information about Scouts Australia NSW please visit

Applicants should send their expression of interest and CV to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Applications close 21 June 2017.