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Position Description

Title: State Adviser Rovers
Short form: SAR
Reporting to: State Rover Council Chairman (State Commissioner Rover Scouts)
Reports: Region Adviser Rovers (one per Region)
Liaison: State Rover Council, State Rover Council Executive
Tenure: 3 years, reviewed annually.

Purpose of the position

The State Adviser Rovers is the volunteer member who reports to the State Rover Council Chairman and plays a key role in supporting the successful operation of the Rover Section at a State level. The role primarily provides advice to the State Rover Council Chairman in their role as the State Commissioner Rover Scouts and the main Rover contact and representative on the NSW State Team. In addition, the role provides advice to the State Rover Council and the State Rover Council Executive as and when requested.

WOSM and Scouts Australia recognises the importance of youth leadership. In the Rover Section, young adults are empowered to organise and operate their own Section from the local Crew level and all the way up to the National level. In supporting the successful operation of the Rover Section at a State level, the role will provide frank and fearless advice and support to the State Rover Council Chairman and with a focus on Youth empowerment should not directly operate or organise the Rover Section.

The position may be called upon from time to time by the State Rover Council Chairman to take on delegated work where a direct or perceived conflict of interest exists between the State Rover Council Chairman and the delegated work. In addition, the role will act as the main Adviser to the Chair of all State Rover Activities including Branch Moot, Snow Moot, Branch Ball and Bush Dance.

Responsibilities and Duties

While carrying out the responsibilities and duties of the role, the State Adviser Rovers will at all times uphold the purpose, principles and values of Scouts Australia, will adhere to the Adult Code of Conduct, will abide by WOSM, National and State policies and will behave in accordance with the Scout Law and Promise.

Rovers is a young adult section of the Scouting movement, open to males and females aged 18 – 25 and the final section in the Scouting educational programme. Rovers are people who meet regularly and participate in a wide range of challenging and interesting activities, whilst learning skills and making many friends. The State Adviser Rovers will play a key role in facilitating the development and growth of these future young leaders of Scouting as they progress through these formative years.

The State Adviser Rovers will have a strong knowledge of Rovering and ideally has prior experience in the leadership of Rovers as a member of the section. They will be a passionate advocate with boundless enthusiasm for the section and an ability to interact effectively with Rovers. In addition, they will be willing to travel across NSW and will already have, or commit to obtaining, a Rover Wood Badge.

The State Adviser Rovers will assist the State Rover Council Chairman (State Commissioner Rover Scouts) in performing their role in five key areas:

  1. succession planning – facilitating stability and continuity during the annual executive changeover
  2. mediation and conflict resolution – assisting in the resolution of issues management in the Section
  3. youth leadership – promoting and facilitating Rovers leading Rovers across NSW
  4. collaborative teamwork – keeping in step with the strategic priorities for the Rover Section
  5. training facilitation – encouraging the completion of appropriate training to grow and develop Rovers

Selection Criteria

Interested candidates are invited to establish their claim to the position against nine essential criteria, as well as three desirable criteria:

Essential Criteria

  • Proven track record of, or demonstrable capacity for, the facilitation of youth leadership and development
  • Ability to facilitate the development of creative and innovative ideas for improving activity participation and trainingStrong organisation and communication skills through the use of modern
    technologies, social media and traditional methods
  • Demonstrated evidence-based judgement and accountable decision making
  • Ability to work with a diverse range of stakeholders
  • Proven track record of effective teamwork among young adults 
  • Positive commitment towards the implementation of the NSW Rovers Strategic Plan 2016-2020
  • Wood Badge holder
  • Not a member of the Rover section in the twelve months preceding your application

Desirable Criteria

  • Extensive prior experience as a participant in the Scouting educational programme as a youth member and/or young adult
  • Commitment to obtaining a Rover Wood Badge within 18 months of appointment
  • Experience in leading or facilitating young adults at major events


This position is strategically important for the Rover Section providing continuity and stability during the annual Executive handover. The position will be subject to a formal annual performance review with feedback provided for personal development.

Activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Continuously build members' interest in Scouts.
  • Identify and assist co-ordinate influential champions of Scouts, particularly in the Regions, and form them into a team with a plan.
  • Ensure Scouts NSW website information that relates to Scouts is correct and reviewed regularly.
  • Attend and assess the effectiveness of Region and State events in fulfilling the goals of Scouts.
  • Maintain ongoing training.
  • Attend to other necessary functions and duties as requested.

To apply:

For more information about Scouts Australia NSW please visit

Applicants should send their expression of interest and CV to State Commissioner Rover Scouts, Luke Saunders at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Applications close 19 July 2017.