ScoutLink Project Information Print


  • The current membership system (MIS) is no longer fit for purpose.
  • Support for the technology behind MIS is almost nonexistent.
  • To achieve the aims of Scouts Australia NSW, we need a modern stable system that can support our business.


  • The SEC of 2012 commissioned a Working Group made up of Uniformed Members and Employed Staff with experience in IT to investigate the three existing Membership Systems used by other branches in Australia.
  • Based on this review, a decision was made to engage Djenie, the makers of the QLD Scout Management System (SMS).
  • Some enhancements/changes were identified to make the system suitable for NSW needs.
  • Our current IT Provider – Avante was selected to provide the infrastructure for the new system following a tender process.
  • In late 2013, Project Manager (Stephen Furst), was contracted by Scouts Australia NSW to manage the implementation of ScoutLink.


  • Help Formations manage their interactions with State/Region.
  • Allow Formations to take control of their Scouting Administration.
  • Allow for real time updating of members details. View up to date training information and statistics for Formations/Districts/Regions/State.
  • Simpler Census and Invoicing processes.
  • Better management of Child Protection requirements.

Phase 1: Implementation

  • State and Region Office Staff began using ScoutLink from 1 October 2014. Some internal processes changed, with no effect on Groups.

Phase 2: Rollout

  • Phase 2 began on the 1 November 2014 with 25 trial Groups starting to interact with ScoutLink directly.
  • After a successful trial, we have started rollingout ScoutLink Region by Region and will complete this task in 2015.


Reporting to the Board of Directors, the ScoutLink Working Group is responsible for overseeing the successful management of the ScoutLink Project. The Working Group is made up of a mix of Employed Staff and Uniformed Members all with experience in IT and Organisational Change.

To contact the working group, please use the feedback form provided or contact State Office for further details.