40 Reasons to Visit Cataract Scout Park

Cataract is celebrating its 40th birthday this year, and to mark the occasion, here’s 40 reasons why you should visit the Park!

  1. Cataract Scout Park is located 50 minutes south of Sydney near the town of Appin, making it easily accessible for Scout Groups in the Sydney Metropolitan Area, as well as the South Coast and Tablelands.
  2. The drive to Cataract Scout Park is through lush Australian bushland, making you feel worlds away from the city.
  3. With an area of 163 hectares, huge is an understatement! There is plenty of space for Scout Groups to run around and room for games and activities to be set up. Even with multiple groups at the Park, you’ll feel as though you have the place to yourself.
  4. Cataract is divided into 10 sub camps, each with its own toilets and hot/cold showers. Most sub camps also have their own BBQ area and dining facilities, making it a perfect place to set up your own camp!
  5. You don’t need to have a big group to do activities – there is a minimum of 10 people required to book standard activities such as Challenge Valley and Caving!
  6. Friendly and professional Cataract Scout Park staff are available to work with you to design tailored programs for your Scout Group.
  7. All activities at the Park are supervised and run by trained Scout Activity Leaders, meaning you are always in safe hands while participating in activities.
  8. Cataract has its very own outdoor chapel. This space is perfect for hosting special ceremonies like a Scout’s Own.
  9. The Park is a perfect place to practice your camping skills and get some nights under canvas under your belt.
  10. Cataract Scout Park caters for groups of all shapes and sizes, from small Scout Groups to Region events!
  11. Cataract Scout Park has several spaces suitable for large gatherings such as a Region Camp. This includes an open-air concert area with a seating capacity of approximately 15,000 people, an air-conditioned auditorium seating up to 200 people and two activities auditoriums seating 350 and 650 people each!
  12. The Park offers 12 fun and engaging activities for Groups to choose from!
  13. One of the activities on offer is a 40-metre waterslide, suitable for youth members and adult volunteers alike. The waterslide is great way to cool down and slide through 40 metres of beautiful bushland!
  14. The Park has its very own army-style obstacle course called Challenge Valley. With 15 different elements along a 1.5-kilometer track, this is a great way to test your skills and endurance while having loads of fun. The obstacles range from rope climbing and suspended ladders, to water holes, rope nets, mud pits and a flying fox!
  15. For those who have always wanted to try caving, there is a man-made maze of caves onsite, each with tight squeezes and crawl throughs.
  16. The Park gives you the opportunity to practice your map reading and navigation skills, with two challenging orienteering courses set in a semi-dense bush environment.
  17. History buffs will have a ball building chariots, bridges and ballistae at the Pioneering activity, all while harnessing your teamwork, leadership, communication and cooperation skills.
  18. You can practice your rock-climbing skills at the Park’s indoor rock-climbing gym. There are safety gymnastic mats available to ensure you can learn the basics of climbing in a safe environment.
  19. Once you’ve mastered the indoor rock-climbing gym, you can also practice your rock-climbing skills on Cataract’s natural rock walls.
  20. You can channel your inner archer by learning the fundamentals of using a bow and arrow at Archery. This is a great way to practice balance and coordination.
  21. Cataract has its own high ropes course! Not only is this a great way to conquer any fears of heights, but it is also a fantastic team building opportunity for groups and helps boost upper body and lower body strength.
  22. There are numerous natural rock faces for you to practice your abseiling. This is an awesome way to develop a sense of achievement and build confidence!
  23. Both youth and adult members can fly through the trees on Cataract’s 15-metre high flying fox!
  24. Practice your team building skills on the giant swing. This involves one person sitting on the giant swing, and a group of people pulling them up until they say stop!
  25. As well as organised adventure activities, there are plenty of bushwalking tracks in the Park for you to explore.
  26. The Park is a great location to do some nature studies, with the bushland home to local flora such as waratahs, wattles and bottle brushes, and fauna including echidnas.
  27. The Cataract Scout Park wardens are friendly and very knowledgeable. You can visit the wardens during your stay and learn all about the history of the Park!
  28. Cataract Dam is a short 20-minute walk from the Park. If you’re looking for a little adventure, you can walk to the Dam and even walk across the dam wall!
  29. For visiting groups who are keen on water activities, the Park is a short 15-minute drive from Thirroul Beach and approximately 30 minutes from Wollongong and Lake Illawarra.
  30. The Park offers a free amateur radio activity for Scout Members, run by volunteer members of the Fishers Ghost Amateur Radio Club.
  31. Cataract has its very own colonial-style Australiana Village with old log cabins and a blacksmith’s shop. This is an awesome way for you to learn all about colonial Australia and how blacksmiths create objects from wrought iron or steel.
  32. With its semi-dense bushland and vast space, Cataract is the perfect location for safe combat games like laser skirmish. Local businesses run laser skirmish activities throughout the week. This is a great opportunity to get your adrenaline pumping and have loads of fun!
  33. Cataract Scout Park has been the site for four Australian Jamborees, one World Jamboree, and countless State and Region-level events! Whether you participated in a Jamboree, Cuboree, Joey Mob Holiday, State Rally or another Scout event, visiting the Park is a great way to relive some of your awesome Scouting memories!
  34. There are numerous accessible sites and facilities to cater for people with disabilities, including parts of Challenge Valley such as the climbing ropes and suspended ladders.
  35. Cataract Scout Park offers a range of excellent and nutritious catering packages for groups, meaning you can focus on your Scouting adventure and fun!
  36. All facilities in the Park are well maintained by the dedicated Cataract Scout Park staff.
  37. The Park has the right mix of bushland, activities and modern amenities.
  38. The Park allows Groups looking to plan a camp or event to visit the Park and do a site inspection in advance to see firsthand the Park’s unique adventure facilities.
  39. The Park is open all year round.
  40. Cataract Scout Park is Scouts’ very own adventure playground!

And that is JUST the beginning! If you want to take a more in-depth look at what Cataract Scout Park has to offer or enquire about your next visit, head over to www.cataract.nsw.scouts.com.au!

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