Board Committees

Current list of Committee’s and Committee Members

Asset Committee
Peter Lee Chair
Steve Fernie
Phil Heinrich
Antony Keenan
Paul McIntyre
Nicholas van Beek
Michael Wright
Audit & Risk Committee
Andrew Graham Chair
Andrew Smith
Grant Whitehorn
Jonathan Wood
David Hassan
Anthony Pritchard
Finance Committee
Matt Phillips Chair
Liam Brown U30
Stephen Connors
John Coombs
Bruce Harrison
Richard Hodge
Richard Sheridan
Neville Tomkins
Insurance Committee
Neville Henderson Chair
Jay Edwards U30
Phil Cooper
Tony Melville
Luke Saunders
Allan Staples
Investment Committee
John Coombe Chair
Erin Walker U30
Rebecca Gosby
Timothy Peters
Matt Phillips
Lyall Wood
Nomination Committee
Claire Geary Chair
Nathan Leivesley U30
Deborah Howlett
Public Fund Committee New Committee - Currently being formed