Meet the Team

Scouts NSW State Office is responsible for supporting the business of Scouting, ensuring the framework is in place for thousands of young Australians to grow and develop through adventure and activity.

The office consists of numerous business units including the Chief Executive's Office, Child Safety and Risk, Operations, Marketing and Communications, IT, Project Management and Property. Together, its goal is to maintain a healthy business side to Scouts NSW so that members can continue to enjoy the organisation that has been putting smiles on faces since 1908.

Chief Executive's Office

The Chief Executive's Office is responsible for supporting the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Commissioner of Scouts NSW. The Office coordinates State-level events including the Annual General Meeting, Chief Commissioner's Council and Commissioner's Conference, and is responsible for management of the State Office.

Gabie Thompson 
Executive Assistant to the CEO

Leisha McCarthy 
Executive Assistant to the Chief Commissioner

  Contact the Chief Executive's Office here.

Child Protection and Risk

The Child Protection Department coordinates Child Protection and Behavioural Management Issues, and develops and champions the Scouts NSW Child Safety Policy and Procedures. The WHS/Risk Department coordinates compliance, incident and hazard reports, asbestos management, WHS site audits, support for volunteer ScoutSafe Team and Risk Management.

Elaine Heaney
Child Protection and Issues Management Officer

Tracey Perrin 
Head of Risk

Roshana Aseervatham
Child Protection Coordinator – Policy and Issues Management

Tracey Hansford
Research Officer

Tiana Farac 
Assistant to the Research Officer

Contact the Child Protection or Risk teams here.

To report a Child Protection Matter click here.

To report a Behavioural Management Matter or Breach of the Code of Conduct click here.

To report a WHS or health matter click here.


The Chief Operating Officer is responsible for the strategic and operational aspects of financial management and planning, and the operational service delivery of Scouts NSW.

Jay Mendoza
Chief Operating Officer

Finance and Grants

Finance is responsible for the strategic and operational aspects of financial planning and management, including insurance, procurement, budgeting, taxation, audit, payroll, and financial accounting.

Neelam Jain
Assistant Financial Accountant

Jigar Patel
Assistant Accountant

James Goodman
Management Accountant

Contact the Finance team here.

Member Services

Member Services coordinates membership awards, membership invoicing, forms and membership data processing, and is responsible for travel, hotel and vehicle bookings.

Melanie Dimmock
Member Services Coordinator

Lyn Mann
Member Services Consultant

Knar Nalbandian
Member Services Consultant

Contact the Member Services team here.

IT Support

The IT Support team provides IT and admin support to members of Scouts NSW, including assistance with teleconferencing, preparing reports, ScoutLink access and email registration and functionalities.

David Cooley
IT Manager

Dick Lai
IT Support Officer

Peter Larsen
IT Support Officer

Jared Hale
IT Support Officer

Contact the IT team here.

Training Services

Training Services is responsible for the management of training records, administration of leader training, wood badges, e-learning, and Adventurous Activity training. The team also manages accredited qualifications, as well as administering the Youth Safe Advocate training.

Emma Vasta
Training Coordinator

Karen Huynh
Training Services Consultant

Melissa Bannon
Training Services Consultant

Contact the Training Services team here.

Marketing and Communications 

Marketing and Communications is responsible for the management and coordination of marketing, corporate communications, brand, media, digital media, publications and events. The team is also responsible for administration of government and philanthropic grants for Scouts NSW and Scout Groups, including the Community Building Partnership Grants.

Rosalie Batistoni
Head of Marketing and Communications

Patria Manalili
Marketing and Communications Manager

Cassandra Armstrong
Grants Officer

Elena Tuktarov
Administration Assistant

Contact the Marketing and Communications team here.


Property is responsible for the high level management of, and input to, the procedural practice and strategic direction of the State property portfolio.

Brett Clarke
Head of Property

Bruce Retallick
Property Manager

Brian Warters
Property Officer

    Contact the Property team here.

Project Management Office

The Project Management Office provides governance and business analysis expertise for projects under the Scouts NSW Strategic Plan 2019-22.

Melissa Wick
PMO Manager

Victoria Illingworth
PMO Project Manager

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To learn more about the Project Management Office, click here.



The Commercial Team provides strategic and operational planning and leadership for Scouts NSW State Activity Centres.

Paul Sheppard
Commercial Manager