About Leaders

Leaders are motivated individuals dedicated to providing exciting and dynamic programs for youth members.

Leader roles vary through the Sections, as youth members take more responsibility for their activities as they progress in age. Types of Leaders include:

  • Group Leaders – responsible for leading and promoting the Scout Group in the local community and ensuring it operates in accordance with the Policies and Rules and administrative practices of the Association
  • Section Leaders (Joey, Cub, Scout, Venturer) – responsible for the planning and running of exciting, challenging weekly and weekend programs which attract new members to their Section  and retain existing ones, attending and running weekly Group meetings during school terms, attending group activities (e.g. hikes or camping trips), attending monthly Leaders meeting, supervising and providing instruction, assistance and testing of youth members in skills appropriate to the program of the section especially in topics and skills of the Award Scheme
  • Assistant Section Leaders – take part in the planning and participate in the running of exciting, challenging weekly and weekend programs which attract new and retain existing members
  • Activity Leaders – Adults who have a certain interest in adventurous activities such as abseiling or water activities have the opportunity to become an Activity Leader. Activity Leaders are responsible for delivering activities, training and support around their specific activity to facilitate a more adventurous Scouting program.
  • Leader of Adults – are involved in training other adult members of Scouting.

Why Lead?

Leaders are crucial to the success of Scouting.  As a Leader you will have access to a wide variety of resources, an opportunity to give back to the community, and the experience to educate youth members in the values and skills most important for being a good citizen.

You will also achieve satisfaction from helping youth members set and achieve their own goals, while being there to help them when they fail and encourage them to continue.

However, you will find that your proudest achievement will be building a strong bond of trust and friendship with the youth members.

More information

Interested in becoming a Leader? Please contact our membership hotline on 1800 SCOUTS (1800 726 887) or info@nsw.scouts.com.au.