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Scouts NSW is an approved provider of the Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) Award and youth members are eligible to complete the program in parallel with the Queen’s Scout Award.

Participants that are not registered with a school or other organisation may register for the DofE Award directly with Scouts NSW as long as they remain financial members of the Scout Association.

Registration Process

To register for the Duke of Edinburgh Award through Scouts NSW, you will need to complete an online registration at the following website: www.dukeofed.com.au

Simply select ONLINE RECORD BOOK from the top menu, and Login/Register from the dropdown menu.

Then complete the registration details with the following responses:

Not registered?
Register a new account as: Award Participant

Step 1 of 3: Select your Award Unit

International Region = Asia Pacific
Country = Australia
Operating Authority = NSW Office of Sport, Sport and Recreation
Award Unit = Scout Association of Australia NSW

Step 2 of 3: Participant Registration

Completing Award Online/Book: Online
Level: Bronze/Silver/Gold
Last completed Award Level: No previous Award/Bronze/Silver

Once your application has been submitted online, please contact the Award Leader as listed below to approve your registration.

Participation Fee

The fee for participating in the DofE Award is $140 for Bronze, $150 for Silver and $170 for Gold. This fee will be invoiced to your Scout Group who will be responsible for collecting the money from you directly.

Award Leader

The Award Leader for Scouts NSW is Aaron Wardle. Please contact Aaron on 0421 076 497 or dukeofedinburgh@nsw.scouts.com.au for further enquiries or assistance with the award. The Award Leader is responsible for managing all components of the Duke of Edinburgh Award for participants specifically registered with Scouts NSW. A local leader from your own Region may also be assigned to follow your progress in the Award and provide assistance in completing the Award requirements.

Please be advised that normal examiner requirements exist when completing badges as part of the Queen’s Scout Award scheme and must be followed in addition to the DofE approval process.

Award Requirements

The requirements of the Duke of Edinburgh Award are summarised below.

Physical Recreation 3 months* 6 months* 12 months*
Skill 3 months* 6 months* 12 months*
Volunteering 3 months* 6 months* 12 months*
Plus Additional 3 months in one area above Additional 6 months in one area above (exempt if completed Bronze) Additional 6 months in one area above (exempt if completed Silver)
Adventurous Journey 2 days + 1 night** 3 days + 2 nights** 4 days + 3 nights**
Residential Project N/A N/A 5 days + 4 nights
Minimum age to start 14 years 15 years 16 years

* minimum time required are expressed in whole months, during which time there must be regular commitment, which should average at least one hour per week (e.g. 13 hours in 3 months)

** at least one practice journey of equivalent standard is required at each level of the award

Scouts Australia and the Duke of Edinburgh Award Office allow for an activity to be used for both award schemes simultaneously provided that the hours used exceed the sum of what is required for both awards.

For example, if a Venturer Scout was completing the Skill component of DofE and the Pursuits badge in the QSA, the youth member would require a minimum of 13 hours in 3 months for DofE and 10 hours in 2 months for Venturer Award level which equals a minimum of 23 hours in 3 months to earn both.

Further, the practice journey in DofE can be used for the Venturer Award Expedition Badge and vice versa. The qualifying journey in DofE cannot be used in the Queen’s Scout Award Scheme.

QS to DofE

Assistant Award Leaders

The following Regions have their own Assistant Award Leaders to provide additional support for participants in completing the Award requirements within your own Region. Please do not hesitate to contact your local leader listed below for further guidance.

Greater Western Sydney Region
Jeffrey Lehrer
Venturer Scout Leader, 1st Dural
M: 0481 203 486
E: jeffrey.lehrer@gmail.com

Hume Region
Craig Morrison
Region Commissioner Venturer Scouts
M: 0417 483 782
E: cmmorrison72@bigpond.com

Sydney North Region
Lainie Kalnins
Assistant Venturer Scout Leader, Normanhurst
M: 0413 430 490
E: Lainie.Kalnins@nsw.scouts.com.au

The Golden West Region
Gary Jonassen
Region Commissioner Venturer Scouts
M: 0419 264 236
E: gary.jonassen@gmail.com


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    Scouts takes child safety seriously

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