"Participation in Scouting leads to a lifelong association with the outdoors and an active lifestyle."

- Chief Commissioner, Neville Tomkins OAM JP

FAQs for Group Leaders + Group Treasurers

Answers to commonly asked questions can be found below. If the answer to your question is not provided, please contact us at info@nsw.scouts.com.au.

Families can apply for their 2020 Active Kids voucher via Service NSW from 1 January. The second voucher cannot be redeemed until 1 July. Both vouchers cannot be redeemed in the same term.

Both vouchers, no matter when redeemed by the family, will go towards Scouts NSW membership fees.

Once they have successfully applied for their Active Kids vouchers via the Service NSW portal, existing Scouts NSW members can redeem their first voucher on the Scouts NSW website from 1 January. Their second voucher can be redeemed any time from 1 July.

Families who would like to use their Active Kids vouchers to join Scouts can redeem their first voucher with Scouts anytime of the year. If new families wish to redeem their second voucher with Scouts they can do so any time from 1 July. Please note, the vouchers cannot be redeemed in the same term.

When an Active Kids voucher is successfully redeemed by an existing Scouts NSW member, the voucher number and credit is added to their membership record. The member’s Active Kids rebate credit will appear against their member number on their Scout Group’s quarterly invoice from Scouts NSW.

New Members must have a member record in ScoutLink before an Active Kids Rebate Voucher can be validated and applied to their account. Vouchers that are received will not be processed until the new member record for the individual is Approved by the Group Leader or Leader In Charge on ScoutLink.

The Active Kids voucher cannot be backdated or used to short pay previous invoices.

Active Kids vouchers belong to families, and it is up to the families to redeem their own vouchers. Do not accept or ask for Active Kids Rebate vouchers or voucher numbers. It is not a responsibility of the Group Leader or Group Treasurer to redeem vouchers.

Do not reduce a family’s invoice until you receive notification from Scouts NSW that the Active Kids Rebate voucher has been received and processed.

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