"Participation in Scouting leads to a lifelong association with the outdoors and an active lifestyle."

- Chief Commissioner, Neville Tomkins OAM JP

FAQs for Leaders

Answers to commonly asked questions can be found below. If the answer to your question is not provided, please contact us at activekids@nsw.scouts.com.au.

Families can apply for their 2019 Active Kids voucher via Service NSW from 1 January.

Once they have successfully applied for their Active Kids voucher via the Service NSW portal, existing Scouts NSW members can redeem their voucher on the Scouts NSW website from 1 January to 30 June. This ensures the full $100 value can be applied to membership fees for the Scout year.

Families who would like to use their Active Kids voucher to join Scouts can redeem their voucher with Scouts anytime of the year. As soon a family decides to join Scouts, they can redeem their voucher on the Scouts NSW website even if they haven’t attended a group or are yet to be registered as members.

When an Active Kids voucher is successfully redeemed by an existing Scouts NSW member, the voucher number and credit is added to their membership record. The member’s Active Kids rebate credit will appear against their member number on their Scout Group’s quarterly invoice from Scouts NSW.

New Youth Members who join Scouts NSW from 1 January to 31 December will have 100% of their Active Kids voucher applied to their first invoice. This covers the one-off joining fee ($35), the membership fee for the current quarter ($42) and part of the membership fee for the next quarter ($42).

The Youth Member will be billed for the following:


Joining Fee $35
Scout Quarter Member Fee (for current Quarter) $42
Scout Quarter Member Fee (for next Quarter) $42
Total Due $119
Less AKRV Credit $100
Balance (amount charged on Group invoice for this member) $19

New Members must have a member record in ScoutLink before an Active Kids Rebate Voucher can be validated and applied to their account. Vouchers that are received will not be processed until the Y1 form is received at the Region Office and the new member record is created on ScoutLink. Please ensure that the New Member’s parent or carer has completed a Y1 form and has emailed it to you to pass on for processing at Region Office.

Upon processing, Scouts NSW will receive a message notification saying the voucher has been redeemed elsewhere, and therefore cannot be validated and applied to the Youth Member’s Scouts NSW account.

No. The Active Kids voucher cannot be backdated or used to short pay previous invoices.

The weekly report of Active Kids Voucher Redemptions sent to Group Leaders and Treasurers each Friday capture the names of youth members who have successfully redeemed their Active Kids vouchers on the Scouts NSW website, as at close of business Wednesday of that week. Any vouchers redeemed after that time will be listed in the following week’s report.

If there are any inconsistencies between the details submitted on the Scouts NSW website and the details in Scoutlink, they will not be included in the list, as they require further action by the Members Services team. These errors include:

  • Misspelt First Name or Surname
  • The wrong Date of Birth,
  • Incorrect Scouts NSW membership number, and/or
  • Incorrect Active Kids voucher number.

In the case of an error, a member of the Members Services Department will contact the youth member’s parent or carer directly via phone or email to obtain the correct details and process the submission.

There are some instances where the full $100 Active Kids rebate amount has not been used. The resignation of a small percentage of members from Scouting has left unused Active Kids rebate credits in need for re-distribution.

The Scouts NSW Active Kids Project Steering Committee thoughtfully considered all options to address the distribution of these unused Active Kids rebate credits. After careful consideration, the Project Steering Committee has decided that all unused Active Kids rebate credits will be disbursed to the Scouts NSW Family Support Fund at the conclusion of each year to assist current and prospective youth members and young Leaders with the cost of Scouting.

The Scouts NSW Active Kids Project Steering Committee consulted with the Office of Sport and confirmed the decision is within the Program’s operating requirements.

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