"Participation in Scouting leads to a lifelong association with the outdoors and an active lifestyle."

- Chief Commissioner, Neville Tomkins OAM JP

FAQs for Parents

The $100 Active Kids voucher goes towards covering Scouts NSW membership fees. It does not cover individual items such as uniforms, activity costs and travel costs, or your Group fees.

Parents can redeem their Active Kids voucher from Service NSW at any time of the year. The voucher is valid to claim with Scouts NSW for new members for the year of application until 31 December and for current members only until 30 June.

When an Active Kids voucher is claimed by a Scout member, the voucher number is included in their membership record. If the Scout member decides to transfer to another Group, the claimed Active Kids voucher will stay with the member’s membership record, and any remaining Active Kids rebate credit will appear on the transferred Scout Group’s invoice.

The Active Kids voucher goes towards covering your Scouts NSW membership fees, which equal $41 per quarter. Any additional amounts on your invoice will reflect your Group fees. Please speak to your Group Leader if you have any questions regarding your invoice.


Term/Quarter Amount Invoiced Amount Covered by Active Kids voucher Amount Due
1 $41 – Scouts NSW membership fee + Group fees $41 – Scouts NSW membership fee Group fees
2 $41 – Scouts NSW membership fee + Group fees $41 – Scouts NSW membership fee Group fees
3 $41 – Scouts NSW membership fee + Group fees $18 – Scouts NSW membership fee $23 – remaining amount of membership fee + Group fees
4 $41 – Scouts NSW membership fee + Group fees $0 $41 – Scouts NSW membership fee + Group fees

No. The voucher cannot be split up between multiple clubs or providers.

Please contact your Group Leader – they should be able to provide you with your child’s Scouts NSW membership number.

Yes – that is perfectly fine.

Our Members Services Team processes Active Kids voucher claims on “first come, first serve” basis. If your child’s name has not been listed, this may be because:

  1. The claim is still being processed, or
  2. There is an error in the details you have provided in your submission.

In both cases, please DO NOT resubmit a new claim. Our Members Services Team aims to process all submissions promptly, and will be in contact with you directly via phone or email if there are any issues with your submission. If you would like to speak to the Members Services team, please call 9735 9000.

Scouts NSW wants families to receive the full benefits of the Active Kids rebate. If you have already paid your child’s Scouts NSW membership fees for the year, we encourage you to claim your Active Kids voucher with another eligible provider.

As of 1 July 2018, Scouts NSW has ceased its collection and processing of 2018 Active Kids vouchers from current members.

This is because any Active Kids vouchers redeemed after the 1 July 2018 invoice date will only cover a maximum of $82 worth of membership fees (Quarters 3 and 4), leaving $12 of the voucher void. Scouts NSW cannot claim less than the total value of the voucher from the NSW Government.

Current members who wish to claim their Active Kids voucher for the 2019 Scout year can do so from 1 January 2019.

The NSW Department of Sports has strict guidelines regarding the Active Kids Rebate. Each voucher can be redeemed once. This means that once a voucher has been successfully claimed with Scouts NSW, it cannot be refunded and used for a different provider.

Unfortunately, no. Active Kids vouchers are applied only to Scouts NSW’s annual membership fee and joining fees.

If you have identified an error in your Active Kids voucher claim, please DO NOT resubmit a new application. Please email activekids@nsw.scouts.com.au with a copy of your claim and the correction required. Our Members Services Team will then amend your original submission with these details, and prepare it for processing.

Please speak to your Group Leader and ask if your child’s name is listed in their Active Kids Voucher Redemption weekly report. If it is not listed, please email activekids@nsw.scouts.com.au and our Member Services team will contact you to discuss why this may be the case.

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