Announcement of Commissioners

Neville Tomkins

Dear Fellow Scouters,

I am pleased to advise the outcomes of recent selection processes for Assistant Chief Commissioner and State Commissioner roles.

The selection process included state-wide advertisement, shortlisting and interviews. All applicants were assessed based on merit by a Selection Advisory Panel comprising three Scout Members, including a gender mix as well as a young person and a Regional Commissioner (as appropriate).

The outcomes are as follows:

  • State Commissioner (Cub Scouts): Wendy Warner
  • State Commissioner (Scouts): Chris Buggie
  • State Commissioner (Venturer Scouts): David Jacobs
  • State Commissioner (Program Implementation): Josh Andrews
  • Assistant Chief Commissioner (Adventurous Activities, Training and VET): Parrish Hull
  • Assistant Chief Commissioner (State Activities, Fellowships and Bases): Marion Fisher
  • State Commissioner (Adult Training and Development): Tarranne Bryan

Additionally, I would like to welcome Luke Saunders as the Branch Rover Council (BRC) Chair who is also appointed State Commissioner (Rover Scouts). I wish to acknowledge Liam Painter for the wonderful work he has done as BRC Chair.

New Commissioners

Wendy Warner, State Commissioner (Cub Scouts)

Wendy joined Scouting in 2004 with 1st Walcha and moved to be the Regional Commissioner Cub Scouts for the North West Region in 2010. In 2013 Wendy was appointed Deputy Regional Commissioner, and this year was appointed as Regional Commissioner Activities. Wendy has been actively involved in the State Cub Council for a number of years, has attended three Cuborees which included the role of Administration Director at the most recent Cuboree, and has represented NSW at National meetings.

There are exciting times ahead for the Cub Section as the Branch implements the New Youth Program, as the Cub Scout Section continues to evolve, and ‘Youth Leading Adult Supporting’ is implemented across the Section.

Chris Buggie , State Commissioner (Scouts)

Chris joined Scouting as a youth member with 1st Peakhurst where he also became a Scout Section Leader before moving to 1st Bangor. In 2015 Chris joined the NSW State Scout Team with specific responsibilities to further the engagement of Youth Members in areas such as Youth Forums, Youth Empowerment, advanced Youth Leadership Training, and was key to the successful integration of the State Scout Youth Council Executive Team into the State Mindari.

Chris has been actively involved at four Cuborees and five Jamborees, was a representative from NSW at a National Conference in 2016, and is also Warden at Cataract Activity Centre.

The Scout Section has many opportunities ahead of it with implementation of the New Youth Program, further engagement of young people in the business of Scouting, and the challenges of retention. These are areas Chris is most passionate and excited about.

David Jacobs, State Commissioner (Venturer Scouts)

David joined Scouting as a youth member with 1st Kanwal where he followed right through to become a Crew Leader. David then trained as a Venturer Leader and some 7 years later was appointed as Region Commissioner Special Duties with interests in exploring the diverse world of entertainment.

In addition to implementing the New Youth Program, priority areas include the continued evolution of the Venturer Scout Section, development of a Youth Development Leadership program for Venturers, implementation of ‘Youth Leading Adult Supporting’ across the Section, and introduction of the You+Lead Leadership Program.

Luke Saunders, State Commissioner (Rover Scouts)

Luke began his Scouting journey as a Joey Scout in 1998 and has been involved ever since. Luke enjoys participating in a World Jamboree and an Australian Jamboree. Luke has been an active member of the Branch Rover Council since 2015 and in April 2017, was elected the BRC Chair. Luke is also a committee member of the State Insurance Committee, the State Scoutsafe Committee, the Scouts NSW Chief Commissioners Council and the Branch Council.

Josh Andrews, State Commissioner (New Program Implementation)

Josh joined the Scouting movement in 2004 with Normanhurst Cub Scout Pack and has not looked back since. He is currently a Rover Scout in Sydney North.

Scouting has been part of Josh’s entire life. He loves that Scouts gives young people countless opportunities to learn new skills and explore new places. Josh is excited by this chance to work with Youth and Adult members across the State, learning and exploring the New Youth Program — so we can take modern Scouting to new heights together!

Parrish Hull, Assistant Chief Commissioner (Adventurous Activities, Training and VET)

Parrish’s adult Scouting roles saw him start in the Scout section of 2nd Caringbah in 1998, then moving into roles with South Metropolitan Region in Resources and Activities in 1993. Parrish took on leadership of South Metropolitan Region as Region Commissioner in 2005, holding this important role until 2014. Since then Parrish has held State roles in Adventurous Activities and Training. He is an active member of Kirrawee Gang Show, and holds a variety of activities qualifications across Bushwalking, Water Activities, Abseiling, and Flying Fox. Parrish is a member of the Scouts NSW Training team.

Marion Fisher, Assistant Chief Commissioner (State Activities, Fellowships and Bases)

Marion is a well known Leader in Scouting, across Venturers, Activities and Fellowship. Marion started in Scouting in 1994 with 2nd Clovelly Cub Scouts, before moving to Randwick and Kingsford Venturer Units. Since then she has held Region Activity and State Activity roles, as well as Youth Programme. Marion is an active member of the Southern Cross Adventurous Activities Fellowship. Marion is a long time Dragonskin supporter, and a regular trainer in Abseiling, Caving and Bushwalking for the wider Scouting community.

Tarranne Bryan, State Commissioner (Adult Training and Development)

Joining the Joey section of 1st West Tamworth in 1992, Tarranne has also spent time in the Cub Scout section. She started working with the State Training team in 2002 as a PLA, then an ALT in 2004. Tarranne has played an important role in North West Region, holding the Joey Scout, Member Support, and AT&D Region roles between 2003 and 2013. Taking on the Assistant State AT&D role in 2013, Tarranne then took on leadership of the State Training Team in 2015, and continues to hold this role.



I wish to acknowledge the great contribution of the following who are retiring from their roles or have been appointed to new roles:

Tricia Shaw

Tricia has provided over 50 years’ service to Scouting in NSW. She was appointed as the Branch Commissioner (Cub Scouts) on the 18th July 2011. In 2011, Tricia was the Deputy Chief Director of the 4th NSW Cuboree. In 2012, she successfully organised and ran the 1st NSW State Palaver, a fun filled training weekend for Cub Leaders. In 2014, Tricia once again took on the role of Deputy Director of the 5th NSW Cuboree and in 2015 successfully lead her State Seeonee team in holding the 2nd NSW State Palaver. Tricia is currently preparing for a State Conference for District Cub Scout Leaders to be held at the end of June. Tricia will progressively hand over her responsibilities to Wendy Warner.

Randall Jones

Randall has provided over 24 years’ service to Scouting in NSW. He was appointed as the Branch Commissioner (Scouts) on the 12th March 2013. During this time, Randall played an important NSW State role at the 23rd Australian Jamboree and was the NSW contingent leader at the 24thAustralian Jamboree in 2016. He was also a Director at the 5th NSW Cuboree in 2014 and Camping Director at the recent 6th NSW Cuboree in 2017. On the 14th March 2017, Randall was successful in gaining the role of Deputy Chief Commissioner (Youth Program).

Phil Crawford

Phil has provided over 20 years’ service to Scouting in NSW. He was appointed as the Branch Commissioner (Venturer Scouts) on the 18th July 2011. Whilst completing this role over the past 6 ½ years, Phil has played an integral role in the Queen Scout Award presentation ceremonies held at Government House Sydney. Phil was also on the Executive Organising Committee for the 1st National School in Adventurous Activities held in 2014.


Wal Waerner

Wal has been in Scouting now for 35 years. During that time Wal has been a Cub Scout Leader, an Activity leader, eventually moving into the Region Commissioner Activities role for South Coast and Tablelands Region. He moved back to Sydney 16 years ago, and took on the RC ATD role in South Metropolitan Region. He was appointed into the role as Branch Commissioner Rovers in 2011. Wal enjoyed working with Rovers, where youth led, adult supported is very much a positive reality.

We will be inviting Tricia, Randall, Phil, Wal, Liam and partners to join us at an upcoming function so we can formally thank them and their families for their wonderful contribution.

I ask you to join me in congratulating our new appointees, and in thanking our outgoing Commissioners.

With best wishes

Yours in Scouting,

Neville Tomkins


Neville Tomkins
Chief Commissioner
Scouts Australia (NSW Branch).

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