April 2015 – ScoutLink Version 1.2.8

scoutlink update

Please be advised that ScoutLink version 1.2.8 has been installed on 14 April 2015.

This version has several enhancements, particularly privacy enhancements. Following you will find the Release Notes that detail the changes.

If you experience any problems with ScoutLink, and in particular the new release (v1.2.8), please do not hesitate to contact the Member Support Team at State Office.

The ScoutLink Support number is 9735 9050 or email ScoutLink@nsw.scouts.com.au

ScoutLink Release Notes – Version 1.2.8

Privacy Enhancements

a. This upgrade replaces the password visible to users with “Edit” permission with asterisks. No passwords will be visible to users anymore.

b. The system no longer creates a default password when creating a new member. 

c. Phone numbers that are ‘silent’ are no longer visible.

Appointment Changes

d. An ‘Appointment Review Date’ has been added to the Miscellaneous tab.


scoutlink update







Other Changes

e. New Titles are now available in member records and parent details.

f. The e-Learning trigger enhancement is now activated and ScoutLink should automatically send e-mails to members once they’ve been cleared.


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