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Bee Hotels

So you’re spending time in your own home, but ever thought of building a home for some of your native bees? Lots of Australia’s native […]

Fractured Fairytales

There are lots of Fairy Tales from around the world, but what would have happened if the story was just a little bit different? What […]

Rube Goldberg Machine

You might be wondering what a Rube Goldberg Machine is. Basically, it is a series of steps to solve a simple task in the most […]

Building a Budget

Do you have something you want to save for? Or maybe just want to be a bit more responsible with your money? Then budgeting is […]

Potato Printing

Ever tried to make your own stamp? Do you have a design you want to see come to life? Then Potato printing is the thing […]


Doing your part to make the world a better place starts at home. Is your house sustainable? Plan What actions do you already do to […]

Learn a New Song

If you’ve got an interest in music or have an instrument lying around have a go at learning a new song. Plan What song will […]

Create a Picture Book

Got a short story you want to illustrate? Why not create a picture book. Plan What is your story? What materials do you need? How […]

Design your own Sport

Ever had an idea for a game and want to bring it to life? Plan What are the rules of the game? What equipment do […]

A Focus on Fitness

With limitations on activities outside the house, exercising at home is extremely important. Why not try making your own circuit program? Plan How many exercises […]