Direct Billing

From 2021, Scouts NSW is introducing direct billing for the annual State Membership Fee. While in previous years, members were billed the Scouts NSW State Membership Fee via their Scout Groups, from 2021 each youth and adult member of Scouts NSW will directly receive an invoice for their Scouts NSW State Membership Fee.

This change in process aims to streamline and enhance the billing transaction experience for our members, Scout Groups and Regions, while providing a greater understanding of the role the State Membership Fee plays in delivering the essential services and operational support to Scouting in NSW.

This web page provides the information and resources to guide you through the change to direct billing.

Important update regarding Direct Billing

An important update regarding the changeover to the direct billing of the State Membership Fee was distributed to all Adults in Scouting on Sunday 14 March 2021, and to Parents/Guardians of Youth Members on Monday 15 March 2021.

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The Process (Step-by-step)

General Information about Direct Billing

Direct billing refers to the invoicing of the State Membership Fee directly to members of Scouts NSW. This is a process change from members paying their State Membership Fee to Scout Groups, then Groups paying this to State.

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Direct billing aims to give members a simple, consistent and streamlined way of paying their Scouts NSW State Membership Fee.

In the past, members would pay their State Membership Fee (in addition to any local Group-level fees) to their Scout Group in either annual or quarterly instalments at the discretion of the Group. Scout Groups would then pay the State Membership Fee portion to Scouts NSW. This indirect process increased the administrative workloads of Group Leaders and Group Treasurers, as well as Regions administering debt collection. The introduction of the Active Kids rebate also added to Group Treasurers’ workloads.

With direct billing, members are able to manage their payment of their State Membership Fee in a simple, direct transaction to Scouts NSW. They are also able to redeem their Active Kids rebate vouchers with Scouts and have this credit automatically applied to their payment for the State Membership Fee in one simple process.

For Scout Groups, this means less time administering the State Membership Fee and more time to focus on local Scouting operations.


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The Scouts NSW State Membership Fee, as well as the one-off joining fee for new members.

All local-level Group fees will remain at the discretion of the Scout Group.

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Direct billing will come into effect on 1 April 2021. From this date, all existing youth members and adult members of Scouts NSW will be sent an invoice to pay their Scouts NSW State Membership Fee.

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The State Membership Fee is an annual fee set by Scouts NSW which covers the costs of essential services and behind-the-scenes operations at a Region and State level to ensure members can enjoy Scouting now and into the future. This includes members’ public liability and personal accident insurance. The Fee is payable by members of Scouts NSW each year. In 2021, the cost of the State Membership Fee is $240. Learn more about the State Membership Fee, including what it covers, here.

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The invoice date for the State Membership Fee is 1 April every year for all members.

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All existing youth and adult members of Scouts NSW will be directly billed their State Membership Fee.

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Your invoice will be emailed directly to the primary email address you have listed on your membership record on ScoutLink. For adults in Scouting, this will be your Scouts NSW email address if you have activated it.

You can update your email address via Operoo.

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From 1 April, you will receive an email with a copy of your invoice for your annual State Membership Fee. This email will contain a link to an online payment gateway, where you will be able to process your payment for the fee.

The payment gateway will include a number of payment methods including via credit card, debit card and Active Kids rebate voucher(s).

Members can pay their State Membership Fee in full upfront, or can opt in to a payment plan.

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Members who are eligible for the NSW Government’s Active Kids rebate vouchers will be able to redeem their vouchers with Scouts NSW directly via the payment gateway, and have these directly applied to their State Membership Fee.

When prompted to select a payment option, the member’s parent will be able to select ‘Active Kids voucher’ and enter their Active Kids voucher details (voucher number and child’s date of birth). The system will then verify the voucher with Service NSW and the $100 balance will be applied as a payment to their State Membership Fee. The member’s parent will then be prompted to enter their credit card/debit card details to authorise a $40 charge.

Prior to the next instalment date, the parent will receive a reminder email to access the payment gateway to enter their Active Kids voucher 2 details to cover the remaining $100 balance.

If you have any other questions about Active Kids, please email

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Members have 30 days from the invoice issue date to pay the invoice or to enter into a payment plan.

At Day 30, a reminder notice will be sent to any member whose payment is overdue (i.e. payment not made, or payment plan not entered).

A member will then have a final seven (7) days to pay the invoice or enter into a payment plan.

If payment still has not been made at the end of the final seven (7) days notice, the member will be resigned in the membership database.

At this stage, an email will be sent to the member notifying them of the resignation. An email will also be sent to the Group Leader/Leader in Charge that the member is resigned and can no longer attend Scouting activities.

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