Expression of Interest – Expeditions CBR Moot 2020

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CBR Moot logo

The CBR Moot team are excited to offer you the opportunity to help Create Better Rovers in 2020 at our National Moot.

One of the most important experiences of a National Moot, to participants, is the expedition. At CBR Moot these expeditions will run for 5 days beginning on the morning of Wednesday 1st January 2020 and returning to the site at Goolabri in Sutton, NSW, on the afternoon of Sunday 5th.

The CBR Moot Committee is opening Expressions of Interest for expeditions to be organised and led during the Moot. We currently have a list of expeditions that we feel would be satisfactory to make the moot successful, however we don’t feel we have come up with all the potential expeditions that Canberra, and our neighboring state of New South Wales, has to offer to moot participants. Expressions of Interest are being sought from current Leaders, Fellowship Members, current and booted Rovers (though we hope those young enough to attend as a participant go as participants, we will take all serious EOI’s into consideration). Unfortunately we can only have a limited number of expeditions and must ensure that the range of expeditions are not only wide reaching in their activities, but also represent a variety in prices to cater for all potential participants.

Bearing this is mind, not all Expressions of Interest will be successful and some may be adapted, adjusted or combined to ensure that they suit the Rover program and expectations of participants at the Moot. Should your Expression of Interest be successful, a secondary application will be provided to you and will need to be completed with much more detail. If you are interested, please download and return the completed form to

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