February 2015 -ScoutLink Update

ScoutLink is now well and truly entrenched in the Day to Day operations of Scouts Australia NSW and the system is now being rolled out to all formations across 2015.

Achievements to Date

  • All State and Region Offices are now using ScoutLink to manage the membership base, including invoicing and census processes.
  • The trial of 23 Scout Groups has concluded successfully. These groups will continue to use ScoutLink ahead of their regions ‘linking up’ later this year.
  • The support service at State Office is now in place and ready to provide assistance.
  • Training for GWS Region, North West Region and State Team has been organised for February and Early March. GWS Region and the State Team will link up as of the 1st March and North West as of the 1st April.
  • Planning is underway for Hume, Riverina and North Coast Region to complete training in March ahead of linking up on the 1st April.
  • ScoutLink is now communicating regularly with Scout Central for all Venturers, Rovers and Leaders. As advised by the Assistant Chief Commissioner (Adult Training & Development) last year, all Rovers and Leaders now have access to e-learning.

Next Steps

  • We are currently in the initial stages of planning the ‘link up’ for all remaining regions and this will roll out between now and the start of August this year.
  • As we go through each region, we are checking all the data we hold for correctness and integrity, a process that will ensure our database continues to remain accurate and relevant.
  • The development of our new extranet is about to commence, providing a new online presence for Scouts Australia NSW as well as a single sign on and password recovery for ScoutLink.

Just as importantly, the ScoutLink project remains on time and under budget. The strong partnership between the ScoutLink Working Group, Employed Staff and Unformed Members has ensured that this project continues to meet the expectations of Scouts Australia NSW for a membership system. We look forward to finalising Phase 2 this year as well as future developments that will continue to allow us to focus less on administration and more on Scouting.

We always welcome involvement from all Scouts NSW members. Please visit the ScoutLink page on the State Website to provide your feedback, read more about the project or submit a frequently asked question.

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