June 2016 – ScoutLink Update

ScoutLink v 1.3.8 was released on 29 June 2016.

To outline the changes:

  • ScoutLink->Formation->Group->Membership is now sortable alphabetically, should you wish to do so. Simply click on the “Member” column header to sort in ascending or descending order.
  • Automated e-mails and processes for Youth transfers are online. If a Youth member is transferring, it will trigger an email to the Member (or parents), as well as the nominated Group Leader. If no Group is indicated, the member will receive a request to indicate their preferences. After 6 months, if no preference has been specified, the Member will automatically be resigned.
  • ScoutLink->Member: Number of records per page preferences will now be remembered. More details in the release notes
  • Invoices: a Group’s Invoice can now be emailed to the Group Contact indicated in Formation->Summary. See the release notes for instructions on where to activate it. PLEASE NOTE: Your invoice will only be emailed if that tickbox is ticked when the Invoice run occurs, ticking it after the fact will have no effect.

If some of these changes are not immediately visible to you, please do a hard reload on your browser:

  • For Chrome: Hold down Ctrl and hit F5 key, or hold down Ctrl and click the “reload” button in navigation toolbar
  • For Firefox: Hold down Ctrl and hit F5 key, or hold the Shift key and click “reload” in the navigation toolbar


Click here to see the full release notes for ScoutLink v 1.3.8.

If you experience any problems please contact us on scoutlink@nsw.scouts.com.au



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