May 2015 – ScoutLink Update

ScoutLink v 1.2.9 was released 14/05/2015.

This version have 2 enhancements; the e-Learning trigger is now activated and the help button redirects towards the ScoutLink support page on our website. For more details please see the attached release notes.

For regions actively using ScoutLink, please pass this information on to your groups.

Note that a separate e-mail will be sent to the ScoutLink Champions, advising them of these changes.

If you experience any problems with ScoutLink, in particular the new release (1.2.9), please do not hesitate to contact the Member Support Team at State Office.

The ScoutLink support number is 9735 9050; you can also contact us on

Click here to see the release notes for ScoutLink v 1.2.9.

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