Scout Hall and Property Support

Alert Icon Last Updated 13 July 2020

Scout Hall and Property Support FAQs

General Scout Property Enquiries

At Scouts NSW, all members of the Property team can assist with any general or COVID 19 related questions regarding your property, or property related services.

If you have questions after discussing with your District Commissioner, Region Property or Region representatives, please contact any member of our Property team at anytime.

Those team members are below, and all numbers listed will be redirected to their location:

Scouts NSW State Scout Service Centre Property Team Contacts

Direct all Email to:

Brian Warters              – Property Officer                   – 9735 9032

Bruce Retallick            – Property Manager                – 9735 9022

Brett Clarke                 – Head of Property                 – 9735 9039

Grants Programs

Scouts NSW are not aware of any changes to the Grants Program, and at this stage it is a business as usual in respect of applying for acceptance into relevant Grants programs. See the Grants for Groups section of our website for more information about Grant opportunities, including the Community Building Partnership Grants program.

Crown Lands COVID-19 Relief

Scouts NSW has already engaged with Crown Lands through the Minister’s office to seek relief to our rental payment arrangements with the Crown for those 38 properties currently under licence or other arrangement, and where the location is not a Crown Reserve (in which case no payments are made to the Crown).

The outcome of those discussions will be communicated once finalised.

With regard to losses regarding bookings, income, revenues, then please see the attached specific Crown Lands claim link to outline and make a claim for losses due to COVID 19 and NSW Health regulations.

As each claim is specific and may need detail known only to you, your Group or the Region, then the quickest way is for you to lodge the claim directly.

Whilst the Property team will assist by following up and liaising with Crown Lands upon receipt of claims, it is important that you as the representative of your business, outline your hardship claim.

Reference information needed to complete the Claims form

  • Financial impact – Profit and Loss, Income/Bookings cancellations
  • Re the relevant CLM (Crown Lands Manager): Type in  Scouts Australia NSW Branch
  • Re the areas on Insurance: Answer NO, there has been no insurance claim for financial hardship
  • Now, to lodge your claim for Crown Lands locations please complete the form via the following link: Crown Lands claim form

Local Council COVID-19 Relief

We are aware that many local Councils are offering COVID-19 relief to many Community Groups, and/or Not for Profit groups such as Scouts NSW.

Councils across NSW may now offer differing forms of relief, which may include waived annual lease fees, levies, permit fees and water relief for a number of months as per the recent passage of legislation.

Local Government COVID 19 Regulation – April 2020 reference was just enacted in NSW Parliament and relevant sections have been highlighted, which spells out that Councils may waive these certain fees, levies etc. See attached resource here.

Due to the number of Councils affected which Scouts NSW has locations, all requests of Councils to seek relief should be co-ordinated through your Region Office as directed. Region Office Managers and Region Property Managers as directed by the Region Commissioner will coordinate Council requests for waivers, relief and other mitigating measures where available

We have provided a standard letter of address to your Region Office to assist in consistency with communication; and to standardise communication to your Council. We offer to assist, though appreciate that many Regions may already have templates prepared.

The State Property and Support office will continue to monitor, review and process local Council invoices as they are received and any credits, waivers, refunds etc. received will be processed for Groups if they are received.

If Groups receive any direct communication from Council,  please forward a  copy to the State Property team via:

Council - Sites Managed by State Office COVID-19 Relief

The State Property team has issued letters, similar to the above, to those affected Councils seeking rental relief and waiver of fees, licence costs and other costs as they apply and will manage with State Finance this process.

Energy and Gas Utilities COVID-19 Relief

As various Energy and Utility providers across NSW deliver the electricity and gas services to our Scouting locations, you should contact your current provider.

There have been no announcements specific to COVID 19 impact from any of the providers, though the majority have on their websites, relevant link(s) to seek payment deferral or assistance.

To help, we have listed these below, though if your specific provider is not of this listing of the major 4-5 providers, we encourage you to access your specific provider’s website.

See the list below for some helpful links:


Alinta Energy   

Click Energy    


Energy Australia

Origin Energy  

Red Energy