Scouting Guide to Coronavirus

Alert Icon Last Updated 28 May 2020

Scouts NSW Response to COVID-19

We each play an important role in adopting a calm approach to COVID-19, while being mindful of our actions to limit the effect on our own health, as well as the impact it has on those around us.

The following information is provided for Scouts NSW members and their families in relation to COVID-19 and its limitations on Scouting activities.  

As the Federal and NSW governments announce changes to public health orders, the Scouts NSW Coronavirus Task Force will meet to discuss the impact of the changes on the activities of Scouts NSW and update the information shown here.  Whenever the government announces a relaxation of restrictions, this does not mean that Scouts NSW can automatically relax its restrictions as there are a number of things to consider to ensure healthy and safe Scouting in a pandemic environment. 

The latest public health announcements can be monitored at NSW Health.

Current Advice for Scouts NSW

Scout Formations and Region Activity Teams across NSW may now plan to provide a safe return to limited outdoor face-to-face activities from Monday 1 June.

We recognise that for some formations and activity teams, the restrictions will mean that activities are not yet feasible.  We are willing to accept that when our members’ health and our reputation is at stake.

While the use of Community Halls is not yet allowed, and it may be a while before we are meeting in our halls, and camping as before, we now have the opportunity to be outdoors again.

The following list of questions and answers will detail the current status of Scouting in NSW:

Face-to-face Scouting is not allowed currently, however youth members can continue to Scout via a range of activities and challenges on our Scouting@Home portal.

This will change on 1 June.

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From Monday 1 June, Scout Formations across NSW may return to limited outdoor face-to-face activities . Refer to the Self-Assessment Checklist for Formations Returning to Outdoor Activities to see the what you will need to have in place. Group leaders (or their equivalent) are encouraged to submit the checklist on line here.

From Monday 1 June, Region Activity Teams may also hold activities, after risk-assessing their plan with reference to this framework and within the COVID-19 constraints of the government, Scouts NSW and other protocols such as two-deep leadership protocol – including transport to and from the activity.

We recognise that for some formations and activity teams, the restrictions will mean that activities are not yet feasible. Be willing to accept that, when our members’ health and our reputation is at stake.

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Currently the maximum number allowed by public health orders is 10 (including adults and youths).  This number is subject to change and if the government announces an increase, Scouts NSW will automatically adopt that increase for outdoors eg if the government announces an increase to 20 for an outdoor public gathering, you may have 20.

Holding two groups of 10 at the same time is not an option. Our members’ health and our reputation is at stake so abide by the maximum at all times.

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Groups and Rover Units can start preparing to resume once restrictions are lifted by:

  • Having hand sanitiser stations at entry and exit points in your Halls.
  • Stocking bathrooms with hand wash, paper towels and bins.
  • Measuring the dimensions of your Scout Hall to determine the maximum occupants based on the 1 person per 4 square metre rule. The calculation includes youths.
  • Displaying posters with instructions on how to help stop the spread of viruses. Refer to the buttons on the right hand side of this page for resources.
  • Agreeing how you will accommodate additional and regular cleaning of items such as door handles and other high use surfaces. Refer to the Cleaning Scout Properties Advice for resources.
  • Work out how you’ll organise attendance records to manage contact tracing.
  • Work out what you’ll do if a confirmed case is reported from one of your volunteers or youth members.

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There are still government restrictions in place on using Community Halls. So hirers such as sporting clubs, dance groups and religious gatherings cannot yet resume use of the hall. Hirers will be able to start using the hall again when the restrictions on the use of Community Halls is lifted, and they may only do so under the conditions announced.

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Providing access to toilets is essential for the welfare of our members. Allow members to use the toilet however ideally, only one person at a time should access the bathroom.

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Avoid activities that involve participants touching, passing around or sharing objects. Regularly wash or sanitise any shared equipment or frequently touched surfaces. Use outdoor exercise and playground equipment with caution i.e. wash hands before and after you use this equipment.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has seen life, as we know it, change to protect ourselves and each other.

The way we Scout has had to rapidly change, which has seen the cancellation of face-to-face activities. Support has been implemented for Groups to continue their program by Scouting@Home.

It is likely the COVID-19 pandemic is going to disrupt traditional face-to-face Scouting and our Program for many months.

For those Youth Members currently undertaking their final steps towards achieving their Peak Award, COVID-19 poses some significant challenges. We know how much time, energy and dedication our youth members have committed to the completion of their Peak Awards.

Below are outlines of the modifications to be made to ensure no Youth Member is disadvantaged in completing their Peak Award, whilst we adhere to Federal, State or Territory Government social distancing policies.

Please note, these modifications are now in effect and will cease when Federal, State or Territory Government social distancing rules have been retracted.


Modifications to the Peak Award Requirements for each Section: 


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Groups are encouraged to submit their questions to the COVID-19 task force via the contact form on this page. Alternatively, if you have a question regarding a specific Region event, please contact your Region representative.

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