Scouting Guide to Coronavirus

Alert Icon Last Updated 27 March 2020

The most important action you can take in an emergency is to stay calm.

We each play an important role in adopting a calm approach to COVID-19, while being mindful of our actions to limit the effect on our own health, as well as the impact it has on those around us.


The following guidelines are adopted from the Department of Health advice and as such may change.
This information was updated on 27 March 2020. 

The Federal and State Governments have now announced a series of new measures and recommendations to help reduce the transmission of COVID-19. They both share the view that only the most essential face-to-face interactions should continue at this time.

This means Scouts NSW will no longer continue any face to face Scouting for the time being. Instead, we are activating a series of new channels to enable adults and young people to stay connected to Scouting over the coming months.

  • We are creating Virtual groups through our Microsoft Teams platform to allow Groups and Sections to meet.
  • The Youth program team is launching some alternative program suggestions, which will be regularly updated. They include a range of activities delivered through Project Patrols and aligned to the Special Interest Areas of our program.
  • We are encouraging members to participate in the World Organisation of Scouting (WOSM) events including Scouts Earth Hour on 28 March and Jamboree on the Internet on 3-5 April.
  • Our NSW Scouts Lones Group will be making some of their programs, activities and worksheets available.
  • A series of weekly challenges will be launched, which young people can complete together with family or friends, thereby introducing new people to Scouting activities.

At all times, we are guided by our priority to protect the health and safety of all our members.

Questions and Answers about Scouting

Scouts NSW has put together a small task force to meet regularly to discuss our ongoing response to COVID-19 and ensure these are aligned with all advice received from medical authorities such as the NSW Department of Health as well as the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Groups are encouraged to submit their questions to the COVID-19 task force via the contact form on this page. Alternatively, if you have a question regarding a specific Region event, please contact your Region representative.

We know how much time, energy and dedication our youth members have committed to the completion of their Peak Awards.  All of the Scout Branches are working together to develop an approach to ensure that no youth member is disadvantaged.  We will share the information as soon as its finalised through the various channels available including the Scouts NSW website, Facebook and Instagram.

As members of the Australian community, we take seriously the requests made by the Prime Minister, Premier, and our Chief Commissioner.  Scouts NSW is no longer continuing any face to face Scouting which includes outdoor activities – hikes, camps, etc.  Instead, we are activating a series of new channels to enable adults and young people to stay connected to Scouting over the coming months.

Scouts NSW has an abundance of creative Leaders and Youth Members who develop and deliver exciting purposeful programs and activities to our Youth Members.  If you have a great Scouting idea, activity or interesting resource, please submit them here.  We’d love to hear from you!

As a community organisation, many Scout Groups hire their facility to third parties.  In light of the additional government restrictions on social distancing and gatherings, we anticipate that many community groups that hire our properties will be impacted.  Groups such as sporting clubs, dance groups and religious gatherings are no longer able to meet indoors face to face.  Some guidance and a template letter has been prepared and provided to your Region Commissioner.  Please contact your Region Commissioner should you have any questions or would like to access the template.

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