Scouting Guide to Coronavirus

Scouts NSW Response to COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed the way we undertake Scouting. During the global pandemic we’ve each played an important role in creating a safe environment for ourselves and each other. We need to continue playing our part in doing things safely and doing them right. Fortunately, none of this is going to be difficult for any of us.

The following information is provided so that Scouts NSW members, their families and other interested parties can understand what we must do to recommence and continue our Scouting activities. You can see general information on COVID from NSW Health here.

A team of Scouts NSW Leaders remains up-to-date with government announcements and Public Health Orders to determine how we may need to adjust Scouting activities. This is the team who will provide any changed or additional guidance for members. The guidance provided in this website will reflect current information, however our members are asked to stay informed through their preferred news channel for changes and location-specific outbreaks that may restrict activities.