FAQs and Enquiries

Frequently Asked Questions and Contact Form in relation to COVID-19 and its impact on Scouting activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all Hall Hirers as well as members, parents, guests, tradespeople etc. must sign in when they enter indoor recreation facilities including Scouts properties.

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Youth members and other people without smart phones can check in by:

  • Having parents of younger children can sign their child in
  • Having Leaders keep an attendance record
  • Having Leaders or Adult Helpers can sign in youth members as their ‘dependents’ using the QR code
  • Signing in using an old fashioned sign in book

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The maximum capacity of 1 person per 4sqm rule apply to all properties. How people manage physical distancing within the area is a matter for constant vigilance.  In addition to the 1 person per 4sqm rule, any current public health order that limits the number of people to an activity applies. Check the NSW Health website and also the Q&A called “Is there a limit to the number of people we can have at an indoor or outdoor activity?” on this webpage.

  • It is recommended that youth keep a 1.5 m distance from one another.
  • Adults should always maintain required 1.5m distancing from both children and other adults.
  • No physical contact: this includes handshaking and hugging.
  • Singing around the campfire or in the Hall is on pause for the time being – singing is an excellent way to spread COVID-19.

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Food service is discouraged at Scout Halls and offices. If possible, attendees are to bring their own food and no sharing. No self-serve buffet-style or communal condiments. If sharing food, assign one person to serve, using dedicated and clean utensils.

Where food such birthday cake is provided, consider cupcakes in preference to larger cakes that require cutting.  No blowing out of candles on the cake, and one person is responsible for cutting and serving it out. Disposable plates, serviettes and cutlery should be used in consideration of the environment. Where reusable cutlery and kitchenware is used, it must be washed out using detergent solution, dried and put way freshly for next use.

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Locations with outbreaks will not be communicated on the Scouts NSW website because they emerge rapidly. Leaders need to monitor official media sources or NSW Health for information and if they find they are in, or nearby, an outbreak, decide whether to conduct planned Scouting activities based on the information at hand.  Group Leaders and Section Leaders may make this decision in consultation with their District or Region leadership. Region Commissioners with groups that border another Scouting Region with an outbreak may need to consult with their neighbouring Region Commissioner. People who are in a vulnerable category should not attend Scouting activities in a location where there is an outbreak.

NSW Health Statistics on locally acquired COVID-19 cases can be viewed here.

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The COVIDSafe app speeds up contacting people exposed to coronavirus (COVID-19). This helps protect Australians by alerting those who have been in close contact with a known case. Whilst the app may have benefits, having the app is not mandated and is a personal decision. You can find out more about the app here.

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Contact Form

Do you have a specific question? Fill in the form below, or email feedback@nsw.scouts.com.au. Please allow two business days for our team to come back to you with a response.