Grey Wolf Award Process for Leaders

The Grey Wolf is the highest award a Cub Scout can achieve.

Below is a step-by-step guide for Cub Leaders organising a Grey Wolf for a Cub Scout in their Pack.

  1. Complete the NSW GREY WOLF COMMENCEMENT FORM at 9 ½ years or when Cub Scout commences the Gold Boomerang.
  2. Forward this form to your Region Commissioner Cub Scouts OR delegate (usually your District Leader Cub Scouts or Seeonee Leader). This form will be signed by the RC (Cub Scouts) (RCCS) or delegate. A copy will then be sent to the parent and another to the Cub Leader while the original will be held to be processed with the Grey Wolf Application.
  3. Check that Cub Scout has completed all requirements within the necessary time frame. All work needs to be completed while still a member of the cub scout pack. i.e. Before their Going Up Ceremony, and BEFORE their 11th Birthday.
  4. Complete NSW Application for GREY WOLF AWARD.
  5. Hold Cub Pack Council and mentor the Pack Council through the process of assessing and approving the Grey Wolf Award. The relevant Sixer signs the approved award in the yellow Cub Scout’s Handbook and application for Grey Wolf is completed electronically with their name. The Cub Scout Leader completes and endorses the application electronically and emails it to the Region Commissioner Cubs (for Regions without RC (Cubs Scouts) this will go to the RC – Youth Programs or Region Commissioner – NOT your local Region Office). Ideally this should take place a minimum of one month before the Cub Scout’s 11th birthday, so the award may be processed and presented at the Pack, before the Cub Scout’s “Going Up Ceremony”.
  6. The RCCS will approve the application, this is then sent to the State Commissioner Cub Scouts, so the badge, certificate and woggle may be issued.
    This is returned to the RCCS. Upon receipt of the Award the RCCS will contact you to arrange presentation.
  7. Arrange for the Award to be presented. This is ideally at a district or region event . (Make it special your Cub Scout has worked hard for this award.)