Fact Sheets and Leader Support Guides

Fact sheets and Leader Support Guides are valuable resources which provide information and guidance on a range of issues.

All documents are intended to be downloaded to be read by Members. Please do not store copies on your computer. Copies become invalid immediately documents are revised.

A summary of Leader Support Guides available at May 2011 is available here.

Child Protection Guide for Parents

Click here to download Parents’ Child Protection Guide (December 2014)


Social Media Guidelines (August 2013)

Fact Sheets

Fact Sheet 1: Reporting Child Protection Concerns (December 2015)
Fact Sheet 2: Self Harm (October 2013)
Fact Sheet 2: Self Harm (Additional Material) (October 2013)

Leader Support Guides

Those LSGS that are in BOLD and in CAPITALS are important. All Leaders should be familiar with their content for the easy safe running of their Section.

LSG 38 Sign-in Books (April 2013)
LSG 37 Tourette Syndrome (April 2013)
LSG 36 (UNDER REVIEW FOR UPDATE) – Drugs, Smoking and Alcohol Policy (Nov 2016)
LSG 35 Duty to God in Scouting (April 2013)
LSG 34 (Under Review) Support or Counselling Troop & Unit (April 2013) 
LSG 32 Group Committee Support Guides (April 2008)
LSG 31 ARPs in Scouting v1.2.pdf
LSG 30 LPG and Your Responsibilty (March 2010)
LSG 29 Activity Forms (Aug 2014)
LSG 28 (Under Review) Understanding Two Deep Leadership (April 2013)
LSG 27 Accident First Aid (April 2013)
LSG 26 Child Protection Declaration
LSG 25 Transporting of Youth Members (April 2013)
LSG 24 (Under Review) Trauma Support (April 2013)
LSG 23 Code of Conduct (December 2017)
LSG 22 Homesickness (April 2013)
LSG 21 Guide for Special Needs (April 2013)
LSG 20 (Under Review) Discrimination – Disability – Disruptive Who should join Scouts? (April 2013)
LSG 19 Who’s Responsible? (April 2013)
LSG 18 Suspension Stand Down (April 2013)
LSG 17 Personal Protection Policy and Procedures (August 2013)
LSG 16 (UNDER REVIEW FOR UPDATE) – Food and Sting Allergies and Anaphylactic Shock
LSG 15 (UNDER REVIEW FOR UPDATE) – Handling Grievances in Scouting (April 2013)
LSG 14 (Under Review) Dealing with Unacceptable Behaviour of a Youth Member (April 2013)
LSG 13 Guidelines for Physical Contact in Scouting (April 2013)
LSG 12 Promoting Good Behaviour (April 2013)
LSG 11 Managing Behaviour Pack (May 2005)
LSG 10 Hyperactivity (April 2013)
LSG 9 Autism and Aspergers (April 2013)
LSG 8 Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (April 2013)
LSG 7 Challenging Behaviour (April 2005)
LSG 6 Dealing with Suspension (April 2013)
LSG 5 Duty of Care (April 2013)
LSG 4 Managing Traumatic & Critical Incidents (April 2013)
LSG 3 Scouts & Mandatory Reporting (April 2013)
LSG 2 Dealing with Sudden Death facing a Group or Crew (July 2001)
LSG 1 Avoiding Abuse in Scouting (April 2013)


Leader News on the Web

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All requests for members support and complaints should go via your Regional Commissioner or Regional Office who will direct you to the appropriate person. Remember serious matters must be reported to State within 24 hours by emailing childprotection@nsw.scouts.com.au.