Registering a Vessel in the name of the Association

Registering a vessel in the name of the Association should be easy when you are equipped with the correct documentation. All you need to do is print the appropriate documents (below), arrange for your Letter of Authorisation and complete the documents and send to the Head Office of NSW Maritime Services – the address of which is included in the letter.

Checklist of Documents:

  • Application Registration. Click HERE to download
  • Boat registration Letter. Click HERE to download
  • TCC Endorsement. Click HERE to download
  • DGR Endorsement. Click HERE to download
  • Duty Exemption RTA. Click HERE to download
  • Printout of the ABN information. Click HERE to download
  • Extract of the Parliamentary Act of Incorporation. Click HERE to download

The boat must be registered for Commercial Registration and if you look at the attached form, there is the probability that the registration would be “gratis”.

The person making the application on behalf of the Association needs to fill out the attached forms (the bolded bits) and email to It will then be put on letterhead, signed and a colour copy will be sent back to the applicant for inclusion with the application.

Should you have any issues in registering your vehicle please contact Tracey Hansford at NSW State Office on (02) 9735 9000 for advice and assistance.