Signing Documents in Scouts

Scouts Australia NSW and its stakeholders expect the highest level of financial integrity and governance to be practiced by all its Members, management and staff. It is important to know that when you sign a document, it is legally binding. If you sign a document/contract/license regarding Scout affairs, you are representing Scouts Australia NSW, and are essentially speaking for the Association, and binding the Association to a commitment.

Limits of Authority are parameters that define what a Member can and cannot legally sign on behalf of Scouts Australia NSW.

In November 2008, the State Executive Committee reviewed the Limits of Authority and approved a framework for all Members to follow when signing documents for Scouting.

The following table presents a series of examples of documents that require signatures from people within the Association.  For each type of document, two pieces of information should be noted:

  1. Which level of the Association, and/or which person in Scouting, is authorised to sign such a document on behalf of the Association, and
  2. Which types of documents require legal advice through the Chief Executive’s office before signature or commitment

Not every type of document or commitment is listed in the table.  Apart from the examples provided, the table is intended to be a guide for Members to follow when considering any type of document requiring a signature on behalf of the Association, or any type of commitment to be made on behalf of the Association.
If at any time it is unclear what documents can be signed by which party, please consult the Chief Executive on Ph: 9735 9000.

To download the Signing Documents Table please click here.