WHS Consultation – Procedure and Checklist

All Scouts NSW members and employed staff are invited to submit their feedback on the draft WHS Procedure, Design of activity structures (permanent construction) and HS-61-1 Activity Structure Design Review Checklist. Once approved, the procedure will apply to the design of new and modified permanent activity structures (e.g. at Activity Centres and Camps). It describes how Scouts NSW will comply with the requirements of the Code of Practice for Safe Design of Structures under section 274 of the WHS Act. It has been developed and trialled simultaneously with preliminary design work for Challenge Valley at Cataract Scout Park.

The Procedure and Checklist can be viewed below, and are open to review.

All members of Scouting and employed staff are invited to submit their constructive feedback on the Procedure and Checklist using the online feedback form here.

The documents are open for review until 9am, Monday 1 July 2019.

Every form submitted will receive a semi-automated response at a later date, informing members and staff of the action resulting from their feedback.