Promoting Your Group

Promotion is key to ensuring people can see the positive impact that Scouting has in our local communities.

On this page you will find a variety of resources and tools to support you with promoting Scouts in your local community. These include the Scouts NSW Brand Assets, customisable promotional templates, how-to guides, as well as a variety of promotional materials for hire.

Through dynamic and consistent messaging and images, these materials will not only help you produce bolder, inspiring communications, they will showcase the best of the Scouts NSW experience.

Scouts NSW Brand Assets

The Scouts NSW Brand Assets provide you with everything you need to incorporate the Scouts NSW brand in your local community.

With logos, gumtree graphics, Group stationery, banner templates and more, you will be able to support your communications in a professional and inspirational way.

View and download the Scouts NSW Brand Assets here.

Local Resources

The Local Resource Kit includes customisable templates to support local-level communications and promotions.

With posters, DL cards, school newsletter inserts and more, the kit provides all the tools you need to run a successful recruitment campaign.

Download the Local Resources here.

How To Guides

A series of 'How To' guides have been developed to help you create awareness and increase your membership at the local level.

The guides include tips on a number of marketing and communications activities including local events, open days and school visits.

Download the How To Guides here.


We have developed series of A4-sized dynamic, eye-catching posters designed to showcase the different adventurous activities opportunities available through Scouting.

Display these posters at your next Group recruitment event!

Download the posters here.

Newspaper Filler Ads

Print ads in local newspapers and recreational guides are a great way to recruit new youth and Leaders.

A range of newspaper filler ads have been designed for use in school newsletter or local newspapers. Thee sizes of the newspaper filler ads correspond to the typical sizes of newspaper ads.

Download the newspaper filler ads here.

Promo Pack Orders

Every Group in NSW is entitled to one FREE Promo Pack each calendar year.

Each promo pack includes an assortment of posters, Youth Member brochures, coloured stickers, quick information cards and information about Scouts.

Order your Group's Promo Pack here.

Kym the NSW Mascot

Kym the NSW Mascot is available for hire by Regions, Districts and Groups for Region Gatherings, open days and other events.

Submit an expression of interest to hire Kym the NSW Mascot here.

Promotional Equipment Hire

A range of promotional materials including flags and banners are available for hire from the State Scout Service Centre.

To submit a request for hire, please fill out this equipment hire form.

Promotional Materials for Purchase

A range of promotional materials including brochures, posters, stickers, balloons and tattoos can be purchased from the State Scout Service Centre.

To order promotional materials please fill out this promotional order form and send a copy to