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Beverage container litter is a major issue in New South Wales. Around 160 million beverage containers are discarded as litter across the state per year, equalling almost half the volume of all litter. Beverage container litter costs the NSW State Government more than $162 million to manage every year. Not only is it an eyesore, but, when discarded, also blocks drains, contaminates land, strangles waterways, and kills thousands of birds and marine creatures who mistake containers for food.

To tackle this issue, the NSW State Government is implementing a 10 cent refund container deposit scheme (CDS), giving everyday Australians a financial incentive to do their part in reducing the volume of litter in NSW. Under the scheme, 10 cents will be paid for every drink container between 150 millilitres and three litres, and displaying a NSW CDS label, when returned to an approved collection point or reverse vending machine.


  • Helps lift recycling rates of glass, plastic and metal beverage containers
  • Plays a part in reducing the staggering 21,000 bottles and cans that are littered or landfilled in Australia every minute
  • Lowers greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduces water usage
  • Contributes to benefits to the environment equalling $282 million over the next 20 years

Collection Point Finder

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What is a donation site?

A site to collect eligible containers without paying the refund to those who deposit containers at that point. Essentially, containers are gifted to the donation site operator (e.g. Scout Group), who can then return them to an approved collection point for a refund. Donation sites are not registered with the Container Deposit Scheme Coordinator and the Environment Protection Authority.

What do donation sites look like?

Donation sites will vary from Group to Group. Some may include shed areas with stacked milk crates, labelled wheelie bins, hole-in-the-wall chutes and/ or locked storage bins located within a Scout Group’s premises.

What makes a good donation site?

Donation sites must be able to collect, store and transport containers. Good donation sites:

  • are well-lit
  • are accessible to the public
  • pose no health and safety risks to Scouting members and volunteers
  • have clear signage

There may be local Council regulations to consider when setting up a donation site. Check with your Council to see if you need special permissions and approvals.

What are collection points?

Collection points are sites where people can return their eligible drink containers for a 10 cent refund. Find out more about collection points here.

How can Groups find their nearest collection point?

A full list of approved collection points can be found on the Environment Protection Authority’s website. Find your nearest collection point here

Which containers are eligible for the 10 cent refund?

Most drinks sold in containers between 150mL and 3L will be included in the Scheme. The easiest way to find out if a container is eligible for a deposit will be to check the label – all eligible beverage containers will be clearly marked. Below are some examples of beverage containers which may be eligible for a deposit:


How will Scouts NSW support our Group's fundraising effort?

To make the most of the Scheme, Groups must register their interest with Scouts NSW. To support Groups’ fundraising, Scouts NSW will:

  • Develop and supply an initial marketing kit to interested Groups, including signage, flyers and fact sheets
  • Develop an MOU between Scouts NSW and Groups who wish to participate in the Scheme
  • Promote participating Groups on the Scouts NSW website and to local media, helping members of the community locate donation sites across the State.

Do Scout groups get to keep the money they raise through the CDS?

Yes. While there may be an initial cost to establish a Scouts NSW donation site, 100% of proceeds raised by the Group stay with the Group!

Things to Consider When Setting Up a Donation Site

Download Fact Sheets below

WHS Fact Sheet

Site Maintenance Fact Sheet

Site Security Fact Sheet

Signage Fact Sheet

Marketing and Promoting Your Donation Site

Download support materials below

Marketing Resource Kit

Want more information?

Scouts Recycling Scheme brochure

Download here

Guide on changes to the State Government's Environmental Planning Policy

Download here


bottles and cans are littered
or landfilled in Australia
every minute


benefit to the environment
over the next 20 years


the NSW Government’s
yearly cost to manage
beverage litter


refund for every container

How can my Group get involved?

Scout Groups can set up a donation site at their Scout hall, where friends, family and the community can drop off their donated eligible drink containers. The Groups are responsible for storing and transporting the containers to an approved collection point, where they will be paid 10 cents per eligible container.


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