Six Word Theme Resources

As you may know, the Board has set a new direction for the promotion of Scouts NSW, based around six keywords intended to capture the essence of what we do in Scouts: Engage, Inspire, Develop, Confidence, Resilience, and Leadership. When people ask what Scouts does, it can often be hard to know where to begin because we do so much. So we encourage all leaders to start by answering:

“Scouts NSW engages
and inspires young
Australians to develop
and leadership.”

That sets the big picture and carries a consistent message that will be reinforced by our new promotional material, examples of which can be downloaded now from Dropbox.

  1. Letterhead – you may customise this template, then use the new version to generate your own letters.
  2. Certificate – another template, for certificates of appreciation to give to donors, suppliers, etc. Don’t worry about the washed-out appearance on screen; it will print fine.
  3. Presentation – for PowerPoint, in two styles, one dark and one light.
  4. Email Signature – an image to be added to the foot of your email signatures.
  5. Facebook Header – two images sized for Facebook pages; one variation features a Scouts logo in case you want to use it instead as a banner on your website, blog, etc.
  6. Tile Pattern – two images intended for use as repeating backgrounds; one is monochrome, the other has the central six keywords highlighted in black and green.

Please make good use of this material, far and wide; the more consistent our presentation of Scouts, the better our recognition will be.