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Scouts NSW provides a wide range of training opportunities for Leaders, Rovers and Venturers. 

Our members have the opportunity to gain qualifications and further enhance their skills and qualifications in areas including Business, Leadership, Outdoor Recreation and Basic Outdoor Skills.

Launching our new Adult Training Curriculum

Scouting provides so many opportunities for our youth members to achieve their goals and become active members of their local, national and international communities. As an adult leader, you play an integral role in supporting the development of our Scouts as they reach their full potential, whether you are directly supporting our young people or supporting your fellow adults. Scouting is often noted as having some of the best leadership training in the world – and our adult leader training just got even better!

We wanted to ensure that our adult leaders have an exceptional foundation to support youth members of any age and the refined skills to make a real difference to the development of the Scouts within their chosen age section. This saw us challenging every component of our previous curriculum and rebuilding it from the ground up, taking ideas from adult leaders and Rover Scouts at all levels. We are excited to share your new adult training curriculum!

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BCORE CHILD and BCORE WHS eLearning Requirements for Adults in Scouting

As part of its ongoing commitment to create and maintain high standards of Child Safety and WHS, Scouts Australia has determined that training on mandated e-Learning modules will be considered current for 3 years from the date of first completion. This means that all Leaders and Rovers in Scouting will now be required to re-complete the "current" module(s) before their 3 year validity period expires.

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Who does the change affect?
The new mandated eLearning module requirements are applicable to ALL Leaders and Rovers in Scouting over the age of 18 who are required to complete the BCORE CHILD and BCORE WHS eLearning modules upon commencing their position at Scouts NSW.If you have any queries in relation to whether or not you should complete the training, please email the Training Services Team at Alternatively, please contact Training Services on 9735 9000.

When do the new requirements commence?
The mandated BCORE CHILD and BCORE WHS eLearning requirements are effective as of 1 December 2017.

Why the change?
The BCORE CHILD and BCORE WHS modules are very important in ensuring all Leaders in Scouting have the skills and knowledge required to effectively support our youth members. Both modules have been updated to reflect Child Safety and WHS policies, and keep pace with legislation and community expectations, so revisiting them every three years is important in ensuring your knowledge and understanding of Child Safe Scouting and WHS in Scouting are kept up to date.

How will I know when I need to re-complete my modules?
Members will receive email reminders in the weeks leading up to their module expiration date. Rolling email notifications will be distributed 12, 8 and 4 weeks before expiry and 1 week before expiry, prompting you to re-complete your modules in Scout Central.

What do I need to do to receive the email reminders?
Scouts NSW wants to ensure our members are given every opportunity to fulfill their Training responsibilities. To ensure you receive the email reminders and are aware of when you need to re-complete your modules, an up-to-date email address must be provided on ScoutLink. Please contact your Formation Administration Officer or the Scouts NSW Member Services Team on 9735 9000 to update your email address.

How do I find the modules I need to renew?
Log into the Scout Central eLearning portal as usual. The modules requiring re-completion will be highlighted and the launch button for each module will be labelled "Renew".

Where it is deemed a pre-test is an available option, completion of the pre-test will unlock the module so that you can review the module at your own pace to arrive at the post-test. All individuals are required to pass the Post Test to be awarded the module.