Monster Raffle

Scouts NSW has teamed up with Scouts Victoria to bring the 2020 Monster Raffle to NSW!

Fundraising is integral to the Scouting ethos. For the first time ever, Scouts Groups across NSW can register to participate in the Scouts Victoria Monster Raffle and sell as many tickets as they can to raise funds for their Group. With a monster prize pool consisting of over 100 prizes, and 75% of proceeds going back to your Scout Group, there’s no better way to kick-start your Group’s 2020 fundraising!

Registrations for the 2020 Monster Raffle are now open!

One representative from each Scout Group can register and order ticket books by:

  1. Clicking the button below to head to the Monster Raffle online portal.
  2. Selecting the ‘Ticket Book Order’ tab.
  3. Filling in the required information that includes your Scout Group details and the number of ticket books you require.

Ticket book order packs are sent out on an ongoing basis, ready for Groups to begin their fundraising!

Key Information

For thirteen years the Scouts Victoria Monster Raffle has been raising community awareness and funds for Scout Groups in Victoria and in later years, schools and community groups. This campaign has raised over $7 million since it was introduced, with 364 Scout Groups and 64 schools and community groups in Victoria participating in the Monster Raffle in 2019 alone.

In September 2019, Scouts Victoria developed a pilot that would extend the Monster Raffle to a select number of Branches as a proof of concept. Scouts NSW was selected for the pilot due to our size, location and relative simplicity regarding legislation.

Scouts NSW has worked closely with Scouts Victoria to introduce the Monster Raffle to Scout Groups in NSW in 2020, providing a valuable fundraising opportunity for our Groups!

Below are some key details about the Monster Raffle:

  • There is one major raffle for Scout Groups, schools and community groups.
  • 75% proceeds go back to Scout Groups – that’s $1.50 for every $2 ticket sold.
  • 750,000 tickets are available.
  • More than 100 prizes are up for grabs including a Holden Trax LS 1.4lt Turbo Automatic valued at $30,198 (including road costs), a Gold Coast family holiday including five nights’ accommodation and flight vouchers for four people valued at $2955 and seven nights’ accommodation for five people at Top of the Whitsundays valued at $1680!

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There are more than 100 prizes to be won by lucky ticket winners! These include:

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Scout Groups can get involved by registering their participation and ordering their ticket books! Please note – only one representative from each Group can register.

To register, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the Monster Raffle online portal here.
  2. Select the ‘Ticket Book Order’ tab.
  3. Fill in the required information that includes your Scout Group details and the number of ticket books you require.

Be sure to remember your username and password so you can login at a later date to view your order status, order more ticket books, update your bank details and more. If you forget your username or password, there is an option to request these details via the login box on the right hand side of the Monster Raffle online portal page.

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Below are the key dates for the 2020 Monster Raffle:

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A lot of the hard work has been done by Scouts Victoria. All you need to do is focus on distributing and selling the tickets, then collecting the ticket books and money back in. Scouts Victoria will take care of the rest of the raffle details, including all the great prizes on offer!

75% of funds raised by your Scout Group during the raffle goes directly back to your Group, i.e. $1.50 for every $2.00 ticket sold! The other 50c helps to cover some of the costs such as the tickets, barrel hire, promotions, raffle licence and so on.

The funds your Group raises can go towards:

  • Subsidising membership fees and camp costs
  • Major events including Jamborees, Ventures, Cuborees etc.
  • Hall maintenance and upgrades
  • Adventurous activities and new equipment

After all, every little bit counts!

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Yes, of course! Social media is a great way to drum up ticket sales, particularly at a time when we are unable to run our regular Bunnings BBQs and other face-to-face fundraising activities.

Posting on your local Group Facebook page is a great way to elicit support from families and encourage them to help sell tickets. You can also post on local community noticeboards to give members of your community the opportunity to support their local Scouts.

We’ve prepared some social media graphics which you can view and download to use in your social media posts by clicking the images below.


Here are some suggested captions to go with these posts:

  • We’re raising funds to get our Scouts from XX Scout Group to the 26th Australian Jamboree in Victoria. Please help by buying raffle tickets for $2 each. There are more than 100 prizes up for grabs – including a car. PM for details.
  • Would you like to win a new car? XX Scout Group is selling raffle tickets for our 2020 Monster Raffle! PM us about buying a raffle ticket for just $2.
  • XX Scouts are currently Scouting@Home and itching to get back to regular Scouting and outdoor adventures as soon as we can. Help support our local program of learning skills for life by purchasing raffle tickets for $2 each. You’ll go into the draw to win over 100 prizes, including a new car! PM us for details.
  • Support XX Scout Group to continue our Scouting adventure by buying a raffle ticket for our Monster Raffle! PM us to find out more.

On Facebook you may consider trying paid promotions to reach a new and defined audience. Zone in on people who are like-minded, share similar interests, would value your prize, are in your geographical area and your preferred demographic.

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Planning is key! We encourage Scout Groups to plan ahead by thinking and talking about their raffle ticket campaign. Some key points to consider include:

  • How and when do ticket sales fit into your calendar?
  • How many books would you like to order?
  • How you will distribute the books out to each family to sell?
  • Find out what community events are being held and enquire about how you can sell raffle tickets at the event i.e. market days, community festivals, school fetes, etc.
  • Organise an incentive prize for your Scout Group to reward the top selling member.
  • Distribute raffle tickets to all families. Explain what the money raised will go towards.
  • A set of raffle posters will be in your ticket order package. Ask local businesses to display the raffle poster in their windows, enlist their support and get them to sell tickets for your Scout Group at their counters.
  • Approach your local media outlets and seek their support – tell them why you need to raise funds, list your fundraising event in their community events section in print and online media.
  • Have a raffle book with you at all times. Never miss an opportunity to give people a chance to win one of the prizes and don’t forget to sell them at social gatherings!
  • Design and print a customised poster telling people why they should support their local Scout Group and buy a ticket. What is the focus of your fundraising this year?
  • Talk to your local shopping centre or supermarket to see if you can set up a ticket selling booth.

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When your Scout Group receives your ticket order pack, please:

  1. Check the items within the pack against the list below:
    – Raffle ticket books as ordered
    – A Key Information Document*
    – Ticket Distribution Sheet*
    – Promotional posters x 3*
    – Ticket Return Summary (including Ticket Book Return List)*
    * An electronic copy of these items are also available from the Monster Raffle online portal after you log in
  2. Log in to the Monster Raffle online portal using your username and password to confirm tickets received are correct by going to My Orders/Confirm Receipt and click on ‘Received’
    (If you have forgotten your password, please use ‘Forgot your password?’ to reset).
  3. Use the Ticket Distribution Sheet to record who (i.e. families, students) each book is distributed to for selling.

If there are any issues with your tickets or ticket book order pack, please email or call the Scouts Victoria Fundraising team on 03 8543 9808.

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There are ten (10) raffle tickets in one ticket book.

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Simply log in to the Monster Raffle online portal and complete details under My Orders/Additional Orders.

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Ticket books, whether sold or unsold, are due back to Scouts Victoria no later than Friday 7 August 2020.

To return your Scout Group’s tickets, please follow the process below:

  1. Sort the books into three bundles of ‘Sold’, ‘Unsold’, and ‘Partial Sold’ ticket books.
  2. Complete the Ticket Return Summary (including Ticket Book Return List) and include the payment details. An electronic copy of this is also available from the Monster Raffle online portal after you log in.
  3. Pay the amount due for all the tickets sold. The Key Information Handbook in your raffle ticket pack will have more information on this.
  4. Return the sorted ticket books and Ticket Return Summary to the Victorian Scout Centre no later than Friday 7 August 2020.

Important notes

  • Please make sure you follow up on all your Scout Group’s tickets (i.e. discourage individuals from sending back their books directly to Scouts Victoria).
  • All ticket books (sold and unsold) must be returned whole and stapled together, the same as you receive them.
  • There must be no additional staples in the ticket butts and the books must NOT BE SEPARATED as this greatly slows down the processing time.
  • All tickets received after the draw – sold or unsold – have to be declared lost.
  • For those tickets that were sold but not returned in time to go into the draw, Scouts, Groups should make every effort to return the money to the ticket buyer.
  • Proceeds of raffle sales will only be credited when there is no outstanding tickets and no amount owing from your Group.
  • No cash returns will be accepted.

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Please advise Scouts Victoria immediately if any tickets are lost or stolen by email to All lost tickets must be declared in a letter on your Scout Group letterhead and signed by the Group Leader. No payment is required for these tickets. Scouts Victoria will not take responsibility for any lost or stolen tickets. All lost tickets will not be considered in the draw. As required by regulations according to our permit, Scouts Victoria will complete a Statutory Declaration Form on all lost and stolen tickets.

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Refunds will be transferred into you Scout Group bank account two to four weeks after you have returned all your allocated tickets in the form of sold ticket butts and unsold tickets, and you have paid the amount due in full.

No refund will be made if there are outstanding tickets or the full amount to be repaid has not been received.

Please ensure your Scout Group bank account details are correct on the Monster Raffle online portal and update them if required.

Please note, no cheque payments will be made.

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The Scout Association of Australia Victorian Branch is organising the Scouts and Schools Monster Raffle with the sale of 750,000 tickets at $2 each from 24/02/2020 to 04/09/2020. The winning tickets will be drawn at Scouts Victoria on 04/09/2020 at 11am. The draw results will be published on the website by 14/09/2020. All winners will be notified. The nominee for this year’s Monster Raffle is Trish Godden and the authorisation permit number for NSW is GOCAU/2242.

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Each registered Group will receive three (3) promotional posters in their ticket order pack.

We are in the process of developing social media graphics and newspaper ad templates for Groups to download, customise and use in their local promotions. These resources will be available via this webpage in the coming weeks.

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Each registered Scout Group will receive a Key Information Document with their ticket order pack. This will have all the relevant information for Groups to begin their raffle ticket selling.

If you have any further questions about the 2020 Monster Raffle, please email or call the Scouts Victoria Fundraising team on 03 8543 9808.

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