National Youth Program Conference 2018

On the weekend of 30 June and 1 July, the Scouts NSW Sectional Commissioners, along with youth members from the Scout, Venturer and Rover sections, travelled to Melbourne to attend the National Youth Program Conference.

The weekend focused on the New Youth Program, and gave each Section the opportunity to discuss and make decisions about a range of Section-specific topics.

Some key take outs from our youth members include:

"I really learnt about how the New Youth Program really benefits everyone.  This new program really allows all youth members to be able to strive for anything in areas that they are interested in."

"The change of program is much easier then some think.  The main problem with the YPR Program was that many people are scared of change and would rather stick to an older outdated program.  But, after my experiences this weekend, I can truthfully say that if your section runs Section Councils, proper Patrols and has youth leading with adults supporting, the change will not be as major as you may think."

"Leaders need to understand that in the New Youth Program, their roles are not taken away, rather redirected. Instead of doing the leading, Leaders will give leadership opportunities to Scouts of all ages. This could be just as enjoyable and gives Leaders the opportunity to see their Scouts develop into confident Leaders under their guidance."

"I met some cool youth members and adults from other states who have inspired me with their ideas and how their troops are run.  I will be taking this inspiration back to my Group and hope to share this with the State Youth Council."

Thanks to Alex (2nd Gordon), Izzy (1st Epping), Zander (1st Wyoming), Luca and Keira (1st Oyster Bay) for coming along and putting in such a great effort to ensure NSW was well represented at the National table.

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