New Brand Materials

Promotion is key to ensuring people can see the positive impact that Scouting has in our local communities.

On this page you will find a variety of resources and tools to support you with promoting Scouts in your local community. These include the Scouts NSW Brand Assets, customisable promotional templates, how-to guides, as well as a variety of promotional materials for hire.

Through dynamic and consistent messaging and images, these materials will not only help you produce bolder, inspiring communications, they will showcase the best of the Scouts NSW experience.


With the logos provided you can help your community better identify Scouts NSW.

Download all logos at once, here. 


Gum Tree Graphics

Use the gum tree graphics as you create your own Scouting material, and further connect your community to Scouts NSW.

Download all files of these designs here. 



Design Files

Need to modify or add our logo for your group or activity? Our Adobe In Design files are accessible to you through the zip file liked below.

Access the design files here.