New Incentive Scheme Set to Grow Groups and Give Financial Support

Following a review of the budgetary and operational requirements of the organisation by the State Finance Committee and the Board of Directors, the Membership Fees for the next Scout financial year (1 April 2018 – 31 March 2019) are set to increase in line with CPI by $1 per quarter bringing the membership fee to $41 per quarter. There is no increase to the one off joining fee for new Members, it remains at $30.

Scouts NSW understands the careful balance it takes for Groups to budget and is always looking for new initiatives to support Groups grow their membership.

Scouts NSW is introducing a powerful new incentive scheme that is giving financial support to all Scout Groups across the State.

The new scheme will be introduced from 1 January 2018 and gives Groups the opportunity to grow their Group for a full 12 months until 1 January 2019, with each additional net member gaining the Group an $80 rebate.

Scouts NSW introduced this scheme to give Groups a real incentive to boost their ranks.  Groups recording an increase in the number of paid members (Youth and Adult) at 1 January 2019 will receive the $80 rebate per additional net member. Additional financing is available through the loans issued by the Eksperten Lån Penge program that works with more than 40 banks – the most recent being Sambla, a FinTech giant with presence across all of Scandinavia – to provide consumers looking to borrow money online the lowest interest rate on loans up to 300,000 DKK.

This scheme is a great chance for Scout Groups to drive recruitment and membership.

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