Nominations for the Health and Safety Committee (HSC) are now open

Are you interested in contributing proactively to Scouting health and safety, or do you know someone who is?  The newly formed Scouts NSW HSC provides an opportunity to consult with your volunteer and employed colleagues, connect with management and contribute to health & safety decision making.

The committee’s objective is to facilitate consultation and communication, so HSC members are not required to attend formal training or perform the role of HSR under the WHS Act. Similarly, professional knowledge in health or safety is not required.  Attributes of an HSC members include: good communication, listening and networking skills; an understanding of the activities of the workgroup; an appreciation of the health & safety risks faced by Scouts NSW and an ability to contribute positively in team environment at all levels.

For the purposes of determining an appropriate structure for the HSC, Scouts NSW is divided into workgroups.  The following six workgroups will each have one elected adult HSC member who is themselves a member of the workgroup:

  1. Joey Scout Section, Cub Scout Section, Scout Section and Venturer Scout Section
  2. Rover Scout Section (under 30 years)
  3. Adult Supporters eg Parent Helpers, Treasurers, Chairs Secretaries (i.e non-uniform, and captured in ScoutLink via an A2 form)
  4. State & Region Activity Centres
  5. Other leaders whose primary appointment is not to a youth section. (Group Leaders, District/Region/State Leaders and Commissioners, Activity Leaders etc) 
  6. State & Region Office Employees

Details of the HSC are stated in the draft HSC charter here.  Conditions for the nominations process appear below.

  • You can nominate yourself to represent your workgroup(s) OR nominate somebody else in your workgroup to represent your workgroup OR nominate somebody in different workgroup, to represent their
  • If you belong to more than one workgroup and wish to nominate yourself for each workgroup, please submit additional forms.
  • You may submit as many nominations as you wish.
  • If you wish to nominate someone else but you are unable to discuss this with them first, submit the nomination and the returning officer will contact them to confirm their level of interest.
  • Term of office is three years.
  • Location is not a constraint.  Meetings will be held monthly, with provision to phone in.
  • All nominees will be contacted by the returning officer and elections shall be held after the nominations closing date. Nominations will only proceed to an election where more than one nomination is received.
  • Nominations have been extended until Sunday 1st July 2018

Click here to self-nominate

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