November 2015 – ScoutLink Update


ScoutLink v 1. 3. 3 was released 17/11/2015.

Briefly, changes affecting all users are:

Improved search usability: Searches are activated by clicking on the magnifying icon, or by clicking into the text lookup box (the one outlined in red) and hitting the keyboard key F8.

Once your search activates, the focus now flashes in the lookup box. No need for an additional click before you start typing your search.


Date format, date input, and date display
: ScoutLink now also accepts keyboard input for all date boxes, in the format DDMMYYYY. Please note that the system automatically enters ‘/’, so if you enter DD/MM/YYYY you’ll get an “invalid date’ message.

All date boxes now have calendars as well, for those who prefer to input their dates that way.

All dates across the system will now display in medium date format, 17-Nov-2015.

Changes in affecting “Accepting Youth Transfer” screen: For those appointments (GL / Formation Administration Officer) who can Accept / Reject a Youth transfer, you now have the ability to enter the Acceptance date.

Phone number input validation: All phone numbers into the system requires 10 digits to be entered – any less and the system will display an error.

The changes affecting State / Region Office Staff specifically are:

New Youth Member: The “Identity” tab now captures place of birth.

A tab for “Miscellaneous” has been added, which allows you to enter the information required in Member > Miscellaneous.


The “Parents” tab has also been updated to capture a parent’s contact numbers and occupation, which will be displayed in the Member > Parents tab. Once again, no need for additional editing.

Updates to

If the parent indicates they have or have had a Scouts NSW member number, please enter their names and member number in the “Parent / Guardian” field outlined in red. If they are not a member (past or present), please enter their names in the area outlined in green.

Changes in the Youth “Transfer and Gone Up” process: All youth members transferred using “Transfer and Gone Up” will now be placed in the “Pending Transfer” list. Groups can now complete the transfer themselves should they choose to do so; if you are completing it on their behalf you can do so from within the “Pending Transfer” list. You will now be able to select the “transfer acceptance” date.

A filter has been added in Member > Notepad for capturing admin-related comments. These comments will only be visible to those with a Region Office / Member Services appointment. To activate this, please click on the tick box that shows up when you access Member > Notepad. Please note that such administrative comments will be shown with an “A” in front of the comment.


Changes affecting the Security Group “State Executive”: A privacy filter similar to the one above has been implemented for users beloning to the “State Executive” user group. Once again, comments in this filter will be available to all users in this group, but no other users.

Click here to download the full release notes (PDF).

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