Projects in the conceive phase, are new ideas that have a business proposal and that the PMO is assembling resources, to commence the planning phase.

Establish an alumni program to provide opportunities for past members to remain connected or re-connect to Scouts NSW while using their knowledge and experience to support current and future members.

Establish an online solution to sell raffle tickets that will help generate additional revenue for Scouts NSW Groups.

Establish ScoutLink as the source of truth for member information by providing secure links to trusted systems and applications that meet Scouts NSW’s systems and security guidelines via an application programming interface.

Provide a series of tools and templates to Groups to make it simple to raise funds through the Container Deposit Scheme.

Establish an internal communications and marketing strategy that inspires and engages current Youth and Adult members and their families so that Scouting remains their organisation of choice.

Implement solutions that will remove the paper forms and onerous administrative approval activities for the 40 plus business administration processes that directly impact Scout Groups in NSW.

Establish an approach and materials that Groups, Regions and State can employ to develop and strengthen relationships with local, state and federal government.

Identify and promote funding opportunities for Groups, Regions and State by researching opportunities and providing material to support funding applications.

Review and update the O&I policies and procedures to ensure they are up to date and relevant to Scouting today and to implement a simple anywhere anytime access method to the information.

Develop a program of social inclusion and outreach to extend the Scouting program into refugee communities, including Try Scouting activities in selected locations.

Develop an innovative platform for members to seek information, engage with each other and conduct Scout business in an open and transparent way.

Determine why data in core systems are at times not accurate with a view to providing solutions to improve the overall quality and usefulness of data.

Implement relevant processing functions at Group level to enable ScoutLink users to execute more processes themselves, rather than using paper-based forms and processes.

Use the strong brand of Scouts NSW to deliver greater value to our members and families by establishing and promoting the facilities and services available through Scouting with exclusive offers and discounts to a range of products and services that will help them every day.

Implementing lower level security layers to ScoutLink’s Crystal Reports that will enable authorised members to access information on an as needs basis rather than relying on State Office to provide.

Develop a simple policy approach to guide Groups on how and when to interact with journalists and other media outlets.

Implement enhanced security features that support self-service password management for the core membership data management system, ScoutLink.

Establish a solution to provide Groups with an option for a single financial solution supported by processes and documentation to enable more streamlined financial management.

Establish a series of State negotiated utility contracts that will reduce costs to Groups and families.

Determine where State Office services are best located in order to support the Scouts NSW membership after 2020 including meeting the requirements of volunteers at State level.

Establish a fund that provides Venturers & Rovers aspiring to be Leaders with a clear, financially supportive pathway to becoming a qualified Leader within the Scouting community.

Establish a fund to assist Youth Members who live in country areas with support to participate in Scouting.

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Projects in the plan stage are in the process of having Steering Committees put together and project charters written.



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Projects in the Do phase are in the process of being delivered and are having regular project steering committees to provide decisions and guidance.

Implement an online consent process to manage Scouts NSW members’ participation in activities and events which replaces the paper-based E1 process.

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Establish a targeted marketing strategy and plan for the Activity Centres that encourages members and external groups to take advantage of the great facilities available to them.

Implement the recommendations of the Australian Childhood Foundation’s Child Safe Audit to establish and sustain a child safe environment in NSW for Youth and Adult Members and their families in line with the Scouts Australia National Child Protection Policy.

Implement technology to improve the collaboration at all levels of Scouts NSW by providing access to a cloud based email system for improved access, Skype for instant messaging and online Microsoft Office applications like Word and Excel that can be accessed and updated by more than one person at a time.

Implement a system to store, catalogue and control Scouts NSW documents, policies and procedures so they are accessible online and held securely in a permission-based, shared database.

Establish an external marketing strategy that builds Scouts NSW’s profile in the local community and supports recruitment and retention of youth and adults to Scouting.

Develop a technology framework to support strategic and operational goals that meet compliance, security and privacy requirements.

Implement solutions that will connect all member income streams (events, fees, donations) into a single portal to provide members and parents with a single service point for all payments to Scouts NSW.

Development of a framework and checklists to provide consistency and accuracy for the assessment of Scouts NSW properties, when being inspected for usage, WHS risk and compliance purposes.

Implement a system to manage property information on the Scouts NSW Property Portfolio, improving the management of and access to operational documents such as leases, contracts and licences.

Develop a Property Strategy to understand the current and future property requirements of Scouts NSW and assess the Property Portfolio against these requirements.

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Establish protocols between Queensland and NSW Branches to align the core Membership systems which will allow co-development of solutions and subsequent cost saving.

Implement a solution to record, report and provide statistics on risks and incidents, including health and safety issues, child protection matters and Code of Conduct breaches.

Support the implementation of the new Youth Program by implementing changes to administrative systems and processes along with promoting the changes through internal and external channels.

Identify and undertake research by qualified researchers that will highlight the value that our members and volunteers provide to their community, enabling such information to be incorporated into funding applications and membership growth initiatives.

Implement Scout Central to enable the tracking of member’s badges and achievements along with creating and sharing sectional weekly and activity programs.

Establish policies and procedures to support the Scouts NSW Property Strategy to enable the responsible members to execute their responsibilities in an informed manner.

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Projects in the Review stage have been completed and are undergoing a post implementation review.

Introduce a modern cloud based finance solution that the State and Region Offices can use to conduct Scout finance business.

Implement technology and processes that improve the response to members and the general public’s calls and issues.

Determine what solutions are being utilised by Groups, Regions and State to support their data requirements to ensure future information technology decisions provide the best value to our members and ensure regulatory requirements can be adhered to.

Establish protocols and procedures that align Scouts NSW with its’ obligations under the Notifiable Data Breach Scheme implemented by the Australian Federal Government in February 2018.  The project allows us to normalise the discussion around data and electronic security and aims to make all members more aware of the responsibilities we all share when it comes to member data.

Implement a simple online process to capture information on Youth and Adult Members who are joining Scouts NSW in order to overcome the interpretation of handwriting at the time of data entry. Provide new member forms in a multilingual manner to support people from non-English speaking backgrounds.

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These projects have been fully completed are now considered business as usual.

Create a vibrant, easy to navigate website that shares the Scouting story, helps interested families find their local Scout Group and informs current members about latest information and events.

Implement systems and processes to support the introduction of the NSW State Government’s Active Kids Rebate Program for eligible Youth Members which offers a saving of $100 per year for each Youth Member.

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Establish a fund to assist financially vulnerable families remain in Scouting by seeking donors to subsidise costs for qualifying members.

Implement a virtual receptionist which allows callers to select the destination of their call and they will be immediately directed to a staff member who is most qualified to help them.

Implement action points arising from Scouts NSW’s submission to the Royal Commission including a focus on the Royal Commission’s published guidance regarding the ten key elements of a child safe institution.

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