Rover Builds Modified Bicycle for Cub Scout

A Rover from 1st Berowra has done her Group proud by designing and constructing a modified bicycle for a disabled Cub Scout.

Courtney Bicknell, an experienced cyclist was approached by her Groups Cub Pack for help, as they were planning an upcoming Bike Hike and wanted to be able to ensure that all the Cubs would be able to attend.

Thanks to a few generous donations and hard work by Courtney, the bicycle was completed and the Cub Scout had an amazing time on the Bike Hike.

1st Berowra Rovers are a Pioneer Group, currently trailing the New Youth Program that is set to launch to all Groups in 2019. It was through the better Group connections brought on by the New Youth Program that this project came about.

“The New Youth Program has brought a refreshing change of program for our Rovers” said Huge Crawford, Crew Leader of 1st Berowra Rovers. “Thanks to the Challenge Areas, we are doing more with the community and connecting with our creative sides in new ways”.

Under the New Youth Program’s badge requirements, Courtney was able to complete her ‘Creating a Better World’ Special Interest Area Project’ with this inspiring project.

BRAVO Courtney


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