Scout of the Year Award

The Scout of the Year Award is an award to recognise a person or project that has contributed exceptionally to Scouting and the wider community.

This award will be presented at a Twilight Spring Celebration each year to recognise and congratulate those youth members within Scouting who go above and beyond and make a difference in their community.

Scouts across NSW are actively working to contribute to sustainable development. The State Youth Council (SYC) understands that it is integral to support and celebrate youth members who are assisting in the completion of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as a way to encourage youth empowerment and advocacy at all levels.

Created by young people, for young people, the Scout of the Year Award was initiated by the NSW SYC as a celebration of youth member’s achievements within scouting and their community. Scout of the Year started out in 2018 as a replica of the Adult Recognition Award, however, SYC has turned a formal recognition into an inspiring and exciting evening event, where the community can come together to empower and celebrate the incredible impacts of young individuals!

Importance of the Award

The Scout of the Year Award  has been developed by young people as an opportunity to recognise excellent service to the community through Scouting. The award:

  • Congratulates and recognises Youth Members who make a difference in their community and in Scouting;
  • Empowers Youth Members to further develop themselves and their community;
  • Raises the profile of Scouts NSW as a Youth Leading, Adult Supporting Organisation
  • Inspires Youth Members to fulfil the purpose of Scouting: ‘as responsible citizens and as members of their local, national and international communities’;
  • Energizes Youth Members to become active citizens creating positive change in their communities and in the World
  • Raises awareness of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (Scouts for SDGs)
  • Builds awareness of the Messengers of Peace program.

Nominate Yourself or Someone Else

The person nominated for the Award must be a current youth member of Scouts NSW (Joey Scout, Cub Scout, Scout, Venturer Scout or Rover Scout). The community involvement may be at a Local, Regional, State or National Level. Nominations may be proposed by the individual, or another person. Nominations must be marked private. The winner of each Section category will have their nomination forwarded to the NSW/ACT Young Achievers Award.

Nominations should be made using the Scout of the Year Award Nomination Form contained below issued through the State Youth Council. Nominations must be completed and submitted by the 20 August. Nominations after this date will be considered in the following year.

Here is a useful guide to nominating a youth member for Scout of the Year today, and for all future Scout-related nominations!


Frequently Asked Questions

The following criteria are suggested as a guide to the standard of community involvement that warrants the awarding of the Scout of the Year Award and will be used by the Selection Project Patrol to make their decision.


  • The applicant must be a current youth member of Scouts NSW;
  • The applicant must have shown great initiative in their achievement, to a point over and above the developmental level that would be expected in their age section;
  • The applicant’s achievement must have had a significant positive impact on Scouting and/or the wider community;
  • The achievement must be initiated in the Scout Movement, but can be continued outside of Scouting;
  • The applicant must have upheld elements of the Scout Promise and Law during their achievement;
  • The applicant must have gone above and beyond their own personal abilities and have shown great personal growth and development throughout the achievement; and
  • The applicant can only receive the Award once per Section (a maximum of 5 total).

The award process will remain, at all times, strictly confidential. No communication will be made to nominees until a final decision on the outcome of their nomination has been made.

If the award is not to be granted, the person who proposed the nomination will be notified in writing or another suitable medium directly by Chair of the State Youth Council. If deemed appropriate by the Selection Project Patrol, this letter may include reasons why the award was not granted and any aspects that may lead to a changed decision in the future.

For successful nominees, finalists will receive an invitation to the ceremony following the assessment of applications at the beginning of September.  The scout titled “Scout of the Year” will be kept confidential until the award ceremony.


The decision of those to present the Scout of the Year Award will be made by a Project Patrol of the following members:

  1. A 5-person assessment team (youth members) with varying degrees of knowledge about the age sections, the Fundamentals of Scouting and the Achievement Pathways (and the current Award Schemes while they still exist during the New Youth Program Implementation period); and
  2. 2 Executive members of the State Youth Council.

This Project Patrol will be advised by the State Commissioner (Youth Empowerment) and the Deputy Chief Commissioner (Youth).

Awardees will receive a formal invitation outlining the details of the Awards Night and a note of congratulations from the NSW Chief Commissioner.

A Scout of The Year Certificate and a Trophy/Medal will be presented alongside an approved event badge that can be worn on their uniform for 12 months, and a Scouts NSW name badge to indicate they were the Scout of the Year for their respective section.


The Award will be presented by a young person, i.e. State Commissioner (Youth Empowerment), Deputy Chief Commissioner (Youth) and/or State Youth Council Chair.

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June: Applications Open

20 August: Applications close and Selection Project Patrol commences deliberations

1 September: Final decisions by the Selection Project Patrol. Winners kept confidential until Awards Night.

5 September: Finalists notified

28 September: Awards Night

26 September – 1 December: Winner nominated for Young Achiever of the Year Award

Sustainable Development Goals Advocate

In the application process, applicants will be asked to allocate a UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) to their project/achievement. The 17 SDGs are a world-wide goal framework to reach by 2030. The World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) has made a commitment to assist UN in achieving these goals. Scouts NSW believes that engaging society’s youth in the goals is the best way to create positive change.

The Scout of the Year Award will be presented to those applicants that have made a considerable impact on one or more of the SDGs. However, the applicant did not need to recognise this link with the SDG when the project/achievement was being completed. Successful applicants will become SDG Advocates for Scouts NSW and assist in spreading the message.