ScoutLink Latest Update August 2014

ScoutLink Update

Scouts Australia NSW continues its work on the new on-line membership system, ScoutLink, to assist Group Leaders/Leaders in Charge with some of the administration that comes along with Scouting.

This update is to share with our membership some of the achievements to date and some of the next steps for our new membership system.

  • The production server has been set up so our team can thoroughly test the data and the system.
  • The ScoutLink team at the State Office is closing off the testing actions.
  • Preparation for the first phase of testing for State and Region Office staff is underway and scheduled for delivery in mid-August.

Next Steps

  • The ScoutLink Team has targeted October 1, 2014 as a go live date for the employees from State and Region Offices.
  • Training for the 25 Nominated Scout Groups and ScoutLink Champions will also commence in October 2014 so that they can use ScoutLink from November 2014.
  • A comprehensive roll out to all Scout Groups is being planned from 2015.

If you have any questions about the ScoutLink project, please read the FAQ’s –

These will be updated throughout the life of the project.

To submit an FAQ, please email

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