Scouts Australia NSW Social Media Guidelines

Social Media

One of the most common and powerful methods of communicating with youth members and leaders is through social media platforms.  Scouts Australia NSW has a guideline for the use of social media on their website and all leaders, youth members and parents should be familiar with it. The guideline can be accessed on

Scouts Australia NSW has an official Facebook page, and various Scout Groups and Regions also have a Facebook page. Scouts Australia NSW supports these methods of communication but expects its members to use social media in a responsible way and in accordance with all policies and the Code of Conduct.

Tips to remember when using or creating social media platforms

  •          Facebook requires all users to be at least 13 years of age.
  •          Parents should be informed if Youth Members are being encouraged to connect with a Scouts Facebook page.
  •          There should be at least two adult administrators who have access to the login, password, and facilitation of the account.
  •          Members should never give out personal information about Members to anyone on Facebook.

Two deep leadership also applies to social media.

Adult Members should not engage in one-on-one discussions with young people online or via telephone, for example through emails or Facebook messaging, instant chatting, Skyping, texting or telephone conversations. This is the same as going into a private room with a young person and closing the door. All electronic communication between adult Members and Youth Members should be public (e.g. the Facebook walls of a Scout Group or Section). If a circumstance does arise where an adult Member needs to communicate with a Youth Member electronically, the communication should always include at least one other adult Member or parent.

 Scouts Australia NSW strongly recommends that adult Members not be Facebook friends with Youth Members.[1]

Regional Member Support Person

A Members Support Leader backs up the Region Commissioner and can assist the Region, Group or individual Leader. They have varied skills gained from personal experience along with Scouting skills built up through training and working directly with the State Members Support Team.

The NSW State Members Support team strongly encourage Regions to appoint someone in to this role. They become a valuable asset to the Region Commissioner and great support to the Region.

For further information, please contact NSW State Commissioner or Assistant State Commissioner for Member support.

Jill Pretty – Your State Members Support Team

Contact via the state Office 029735 9000 

[1] Scouts Australia NSW guidelines Social Media

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