September 2014 – ScoutLink Update

Scouts Australia NSW continues its work on the new on-line membership system, ScoutLink, to assist Group Leaders/Leaders in Charge with some of the administration that comes along with Scouting.

This update is to share with our membership some of the achievements to date and some of the next steps for our new membership system.

  • All data has successfully transitioned to ScoutLink, the new on-line membership system and the old membership database (MIS) is no longer in use for all areas relating to membership and training.
  • Employed staff at the State and Region Offices completed training on ScoutLink and they actively continue to test and verify information in the new system during this transition period.
  • ScoutLink will go live on October 1, 2014 and Employed Staff will be using the system from that date.
  • Training for the 25 nominated Scout Groups and the ScoutLink Champions will commence training in October.
  • The ScoutLink Team has targeted November 1 as the start date for the 25 nominated Scout Groups starting to interact with ScoutLink directly.

While the Employed Staff will use the system from October 1, there will be no change to current business processes for Scout Groups.

Next Steps – Phase 2:

  • The ScoutLink Team are working with Region Commissioners to plan training and rollout to all Regions in 2015, subject to a successful pilot period.
  • The following table outlines a proposed roll out schedule:
  Notified Date Training ScoutLink Go Live
State and Region Offices 19 July 2014  August 2014  1 Oct 2014
Region and State Teams    17 August 2014 October 2014 1 Nov 2014
ScoutLink Champions and first 25 Groups   1 August 2014 October 2014 1 Nov 2014
GWS Region, State    15 Nov 2014 February 2015 1 Mar 2015
Hume, Riverina and North Coast Regions 1 Jan 2015 March 2015 1 Apr 2015
North West and Sydney North Regions   1 Feb 2015 April 2015 1 May 2015
South Met and Golden West Regions   1 Mar 2015 May 2015 1 June 2015
South Coast and Tablelands Region  1 May 2015 June 2015 1 July 2015
Hunter and Coastal Region 1 June 2015 July 2015 1 Aug 2015


The achievement of the milestones to date represents both a strong and collaborative effort by the ScoutLink Team as well as the beginning of a new way of managing the data of our Scouting Members. The ScoutLink Team looks forward to the project continuing to build on its strengths, and we look forward to a successful roll out of Phase 2.

If you have any questions about the ScoutLink project, please read the FAQ’s – 
These will be updated throughout the life of the project.
To submit an FAQ, please email

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