Social Media Guidelines

Social media can be an incredibly useful way of sharing information and creating a sense of community within Scouting Groups. However in a world full of digital technology and online applications (Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram etc) taking over and shaping the way we communicate, it is very important that you read and more importantly understand the Scouts NSW Social Media Guidelines.  This is for the protection of both Youth and Adult Members,

At Scouts NSW, the responsibility to ensure the safety of our youth members extends to the online environment as well as face to face, physically.

Please take the time to familiarise yourself with the Scouts NSW Social Media Guidelines to ensure you know what is expected of you when communicating online with others in Scouting. In particular please note the following:

  • The expectation that adult Members always observe Two Deep Leadership extends to interactions with Youth Members electronically, both online and via telephone.
  • Adult Members should not engage in one-on-one discussions with young people online or via telephone, for example through emails or Facebook messaging, instant chatting, Skyping, texting or telephone conversations. This is the same as going into a private room with a young person and closing the door.
  • All electronic communication between adult Members and Youth Members should be public (e.g. the Facebook walls of a Scout Group or Section).
  • If a circumstance does arise where an adult Member needs to communicate with a Youth Member electronically, the communication should always include at least one other adult Member or parent (for example, by “CCing” the other adult Member in an email, or including the other adult in a Facebook message thread).

Facebook pages, such as the Scouts Australia NSW page, are great ways of allowing Scouting members, who you are not personally friends with, to follow the page and receive information about upcoming events and see photos from camps. Such pages can be set up for individual Scout Groups or Districts, and you should speak to your Group Leader about setting up such a platform.

To familiarise yourself with the Social Media Guidelines, please click here.

To see an example of a Facebook page, see the Scouts Australia NSW Facebook page.

For more information, please see the Scouts Australia NSW Child Safety page.

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