State Commissioner (Educational Purpose)

The SC Educational Purpose is focused on helping adult and youth members achieve the best possible program and outcomes, specifically related to Special Interest Areas.

The State Commissioner (SC) Educational Purpose (EP) is the volunteer member responsible for working jointly with the Special Interest Areas (SIA) Program Support Leads and with the salaried Members Services staff team to identify opportunities for member recruitment and retention. Responding in a timely manner to requests for Program help or support from members and assisting Region-based contacts with SIA Program answers. 

The SC Educational Purpose will support the work of the SIA Leads and will interact regularly with uniformed members and supporters, as well as salaried staff, as they undertake their duties. 

Key responsibilities include: 

  • Overseeing the support of the Youth Program across the State 
  • Providing age-specific support and resources to the Regions, Groups and Units, counselling on the educational purpose of program elements 
  • Ensuring Scouts NSW website information that relates to Special Interest Areas and outcomes is correct and reviewed regularly 
  • When possible attending and assessing the effectiveness of Region and State events
  • Conducting regular two-way communication with local and state Leaders on the opportunities for program enhancements and delivery opportunities

The 2021 State structure was recently announced. More information is available to answer questions asked during the feedback period.

This position is open to any member or supporter who has an associated area of expertise or interest and who believes they can make a positive difference to Scouting in NSW.

Read more about the  State Commissioner (Educational Purpose) .

Submit your Expression Of Interest by 21 March 2021.