State Commissioner (Partnerships & Advocacy)

The State Commissioner (Partnerships & Advocacy) is the volunteer member responsible to the Assistant Chief Commissioner (ACC) Innovation and Culture (I&C) for seeking out and creating partnership opportunities for Scouts NSW at a State level and providing guidance to Region Commissioners or Group-based members who wish to develop partnerships or relationships with partners at a Region or local level.

Key responsibilities include:

– Supporting the development of strategic partners, sponsors and advocates at state levels – government, corporate and community – to advance the perception of Scouting in NSW
– Working with Scouts NSW regional teams on helping create regional advocates for Scouting and build relationships with potential and significant regional partners
– Assisting in the development and management of funding sources and other support of Scouts NSW by external parties
– Providing administrative support and guidance to the Scouts NSW Executive Leadership Team (Chief Commissioner, Deputy Chief Commissioners and Chief Executive Officer) to develop partnerships and networks through stakeholder management, joint planning, engagement activities, goal setting and progress review.

The 2021 State structure was recently announced. More information is available to answer questions asked during the feedback period.

This position is open to any member or supporter who has an associated area of expertise or interest and who believes they can make a positive difference to Scouting in NSW.

Read more about the State Commissioner (Partnerships & Advocacy).

Submit your Expression Of Interest by 21 March 2021.