State Youth Council

The State Youth Council (SYC) is a multi-sectional council comprised of members aged 13-25 from every region in NSW and with varying degrees of knowledge about the Scouting sections. It is an autonomous council with a purpose of rolling out projects for all scouting sections while representing the needs and interests of youth members.

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Have you ever wanted to have your say about Scouting?
Do you want to work with a team of young people (just like you), from across NSW to create a better world?
Are you aged 13-25yrs?

You should definitely apply for the 2020 State Youth Council!

We are looking for passionate Scouts, Venturers and Rovers to join our team and work with us on some fantastic projects including our Scout of the Year Awards, Project 17, State wide Youth Forums and anything else you can dream up!

Us the button below to complete your application. But, be quick! Applications close Midnight 14 February. 

SYC current initiatives

The SYC works on a multitude of projects that represent Scouting youth members. From Scout of the Year Awards to Youth Forums, Workshops to Position Papers, as well as a clear focus on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the SYC is quickly establishing itself as the collected voice of the youth in Scouting.

You can view your Youth Forum in a Box PDF online here.

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SDGs = Sustainable Development Goals

SDGs have been set by the United Nations to improve life for developing and developed countries by 2030. The Scouting community has always contributed towards improving the sustainability of our planet, promoting peace, and tackling inequality. As a global movement, we are taking that commitment further with Scouts for SDGs. Scouts worldwide are the biggest participating movement to endeavor in this project and aim to leave this world a little better than we found it.

A Youth Forum is an educational tool that supports the element of the Scout Method – ‘Youth Leading, Adult Supporting’. A Youth Forum empowers and inspires young people to develop skills in decision-making that can be used in Scouting and the wider community. A Youth Forum is a place for information sharing, training, discussion and increased understanding of important Scouting and social issues.

Here are a range of examples of Youth Forum topics for discussion:

Youth Engagement: How can youth be involved in decision making?

Community Involvement: What ways can Scouts be involved in the community?

Sustainable Development Goals: How can Scouts help complete the UN SDGs?

Communication: How can we improve communication about opportunities to youth members?

Leadership: What other ways can we provide leadership opportunities to members?

No poverty: How can Scouting work to decrease poverty in the community?

Zero Hunger: What can we do to decrease hunger in the community?

Mental Health: What resources do we need to support our youth members who are supporting those with mental health issues?

Quality Education: What is the best way to advertise Scouting to the community?

Gender Equality: How can we work to increase gender equality through Scouting and the community?

Reduced Inequalities: How do we support new comers in our community?

Sustainable Cities and Communities: How can Scouting help to create sustainable communities? How can we work to decrease Scouts NSW impact on the environment?

Responsible Consumption and Production: How do we work to decrease our waste in Scouting?

Climate Action: How can we work towards Climate Action within Scouting?

Life below water: How can Scouting support Life below water?

Life above land: What can we do to stop the mass extinction of our Australian Animals?

Created by young people, for young people, the Scout of the Year Award was initiated by the NSW SYC as a celebration of youth member’s achievements within scouting and their community. Scout of the Year started out in 2018 as a replica of the Adult Recognition Award, however, SYC has turned a formal recognition into an inspiring and exciting evening event, where the community can come together to empower and celebrate the incredible impacts of young individuals!

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Frequently Asked Questions

SYC members meet online every month and in person twice a year.

To join the SYC you must be between 13 and 25 years of age.

The appointment of a State Youth Council member is two years.

The State Youth Council is comprised of members from every region in NSW. Find your region’s representative in the table below.

Greater Western Sydney Lauren
Hume Kristy
Hunter and Coastal Carinya
North Coast Jordan
North West Sophie
Riverina Damian
South Coast and Tablelands Meg
Southern Metropolitan Timothy
Sydney North Cameron

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