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Zero Hunger Recipe Book

Cubs love food. Zero Hunger is part of the Scouts In Action month where Cubs developed a Unit Recipe Book. Each Cub contributed a meal […]

Fundraising Movie Night

Have you ever had a movie night for a special cause? Get your microwave popcorn ready and help a Cub! One of our Cubs has […]

Neurographic Art

In need of some quiet time? Give Neurographic Art a try to capture how you interact with the outside world! Plan Gather materials you need, […]


Are you seriously missing your Scouting pals and the activities you shared together? Why not try to make a spoon? Be creative and make your […]

Lockdown Siege 2.0

A Scouting@Home activity for all Sections Most people know that Robert Baden-Powell, or B-P, was the founder of Scouts NSW. Most people also know he […]

Lockdown Siege

A Scouting@Home activity for all Sections and ages – getting creative and designing a stamp for the Great Australian Lockdown. Most people know that Robert […]

Blackout Poetry

Want to know how to create a poem in a creative way? Try transforming printed pages into your own poetry! Plan What types and styles […]

Telescopic creations

Love the night sky? Use simple materials to make a telescope then look into the sky and discover the stars. You will need Tables Chairs […]

Build a wellbeing box

Build a mood-boosting wellbeing box full of positive messages, self-care goodies, favourite items, and interesting objects. Get creative! You will need Coloured pens or pencils […]