The Adventure Begins – Educational Objectives and the SPICES


The Adventure Begins has been designed to help Youth and Adult Member revisit the fundamentals of Scouting. Internationally, the Purpose of the Scout Movement focuses on the development of young people in a non-formal environment across six core areas of personal growth – Social, Physical, Intellectual, Character, Emotional and Spiritual. These are known as the "SPICES".

The SPICES are a review tool that helps Youth Members understand how they are developing through Scouting and engage in meaningful reflection about their personal growth.

The Australian Scout program focusses on personal progression. This youth-centred approach acknowledges that each person has unique requirements to develop into their best selves. Every Youth Member will develop at their own pace, through different experiences, and in their own way. For example, a Patrol completes an overnight hike. While most Youth Members may develop physically from the activity, others may have an emotional or spiritual experience.

This is where the SPICES come into play. They enable Scouts of all ages to understand the Educational Objectives of the Scout program and how they apply to their personal development. To help Leaders support Youth during the Review process, Scouts Australia has developed a collection of resources including ‘I Statements’ that explain the developmental expectations of sectional age ranges. Each Group in NSW has also been provided with two sets of SPICES Cards – one for Joey Scouts and Cub Scouts and the other for Scouts, Venturer Scouts and Rover Scouts. These cards feature questions relating to the SPICES that spark reflection on activities and aid in the understanding of personal growth.

To download the I Statements, factsheets and posters, click here. SPICES Cards are available for purchase from the Scout Shop.

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